Punished For Annoying My Lioness

Yup, I did it again. I’ve been encouraging Mrs. Lion to use domestic discipline to deal with situations she calls “unbecoming for a lion.” Wednesday morning, I got this email:

“By the way, I was thinking you should be punished for snapping at me when we were waiting, and I was talking to Dr. N. That’s conduct unbecoming a Lion.”

“How’s that for catching you annoying me? Eureka! lol”

I asked for it. Don’t let the light tone fool you. Mrs. Lion was annoyed on Tuesday when I offended. The email came a day later after she had time to cool off. I have no illusions that the punishment will be light. It will be at least ten minutes of butt-blistering paddling. I have no doubt that I will be very sorry by the time she finishes.

That’s the thing about domestic discipline. It isn’t administered in anger. Mrs. Lion punishes me after she has had time to cool off. In a way, that is worse than being spanked while she is angry. She will administer my punishment with cool objectivity. She isn’t working off her anger. She will calmly work to teach me a lesson, a very painful one.

I’m very proud of her. It’s taken years to get to this point. In a way, it’s a turn-on for me knowing she has this power and will use it. After all, it’s what I asked for all those years ago. I won’t be turned on when I’m strapped on the spanking bench. But I’m aroused now, hours before she gets home, thinking about it. Weird, huh?

She also said that she thinks I have a cute butt. I don’t see it. You’ve seen pictures of my rear both before and after spanking. Is it cute to you? If you want to see one of my rear view, click here. I’m glad she likes it. I suppose I’m also glad she is ready, willing, and able to beat it. While I’m on the subject of spanking, have you noticed that there are no more references to bare-bottom spankings? I guess everyone knows that spankings are administered on bare buns. Eight years ago, it was almost mandatory to specify that a spanking will be on a bare ass. Mrs. Lion always spanks my bare bottom.

Another significant change is that Mrs. Lion has learned not to react to my complaints and yelps when she punishes me. If anything, she is encouraged when I am screaming and demanding she stop. Of course, she doesn’t. She also disregards blood. Hard paddling will break skin in a couple of places. There is never any trace of an injury afterward. She used to stop at the first sign of blood. Now she disregards it (Click here to see my butt after a spanking with blood). I support this because the bleeding isn’t dangerous and doesn’t even cause a scab. More importantly, Mrs. Lion has a job to do and shouldn’t stop until she is done. If the DWC was still around, I’m sure they would agree.

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  1. Lion’s punishment must be deliberate and balanced. Then it will bring the necessary results.

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