Oiled Up

Lion somehow manages to grow long flowing locks from the base of his penis and on his balls, but the rest of him stays relatively hair-free. I found some hair near his boobies and his pits, but those areas could have gone another month. Even his crack didn’t have much. It must be selective hair growth.

I started with him moon-side up so I could save the best for last. It didn’t take long at all. Aside from his buns, which used to have a lot of hair, the only place I really needed to do back there was his crack. Maybe the follicles have decided not to produce any more hair since I just come along and yank it out anyway. I’m certainly not arguing.

While I like the moon-side up view, I really like the sunny side up view. I get to see Lion’s face and all the other fun parts. The front didn’t take long either. I made sure the cleanup took a while. Once I started slathering him with oil to remove the remaining wax, I avoided the one place he wanted me to touch. No freebies. However, once I got to my weenie, I made it count.

lion being jerked off by mrs. lion

I used extra oil to make sure I got all the wax off. (There was none.) And I rubbed it in very well. Lion responded quickly, although, to be fair, he had already started before I put any oil on him. I didn’t quite edge him, but I made sure he felt good for a little while. I’m sure he was disappointed when I stopped and probably even more disappointed when I didn’t play with him again last night. He had fun, and no one ever said he needs to get to the edge when I play with him.

Today is punishment day. The spanking bench will be out, and Lion will be moon-side up again. I know he’s annoyed me a few times, but I can’t quite put into words what he’s doing. I haven’t even explained it to him because I didn’t tell him when it happened, and it’s too hard to go back and try to explain. I’ll have to work harder at catching him in the act. I’ll have to be more diligent. For now, he’ll get his “required” ten minutes. I’m sure I can make it count.

[Lion — I gather from this post that tonight’s spanking isn’t a “just because.” It’s punishment for annoying my lioness.]

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  1. Lion is so teachable. He always knows what he is being punished for, without further ado.

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