It shouldn’t come as a surprise that bloggers tend to be fairly egotistical. Let’s face it, blogging is the 21st-century version of the vanity press. We bloggers pay to put our words in front of the public. There are no editors or publishers to filter what we say, and it shows. I like the entire concept. Obviously I do. It costs real money to build and maintain the site. Mrs. Lion and I put in many hours of work writing each week. We get no return from this. We don’t get all that much feedback either. But still, we persevere.

Bloggers tend to be very possessive of their audiences. Very few make reference to the writings of others. Some, like us, do list other blogs that might interest our readers. Others avoid any mention of any other writers. Is there a fear that if I point you to another blog, you may not come back here? I’m sure that’s part of it. The bigger part has to do with bragging rights. Various services measure our readership. Most of the companies that provide blogging software also provide information about how many people are reading. Let’s face it, it’s a popularity contest. Every time I point you to another blog, that blog gets one more reader and it may become more popular than us.

So what.

Some inventive bloggers have created what they call “communities”. These people stoke their egos by providing topics for others to write about and running “contests” to determine which blogs are the most popular. I avoid them like the plague. They’re just another version of ego-tripping. They gain followers by dangling the carrot of being ranked as the best “sex blog”. They even issue little badges people can put on their sites. Nope, not what I want.

Sometimes I find myself sucked into this too. I try to mention other bloggers when I’ve read stuff that I find particularly interesting. I’m in contact with a couple of them and I value their friendship and feedback. There are some blogs called “aggregators”. They make use of the same sort of software I use when I list blogs I like. Two that I particularly like are Keyheld and Sheheld. They list sites featuring male chastity and female-led relationships. Without a doubt, most of the listings are for bloggers I don’t particularly enjoy reading, but that’s simply my taste.

More importantly, many of these blogs often list more blogs those people read. You can find real gems that way. The best sources of new places to look at are the actual posts themselves. Some bloggers are very good about pointing their readers at interesting reading material. Two blogs I’ve recently discovered are: “Go Eat a Carrot” and “Domestic Discipline“. Both are kind of quirky and amusing to read.

I like good writing. Both Mrs. Lion and I aspire to be good writers. We realize that writing a column each day isn’t going to turn out as great literature. We also understand that our lives aren’t so filled with hot, sexual activity that we could give our readers boners every day. For my part, I just want to share what’s going on inside and outside of me. I’ve decided to devote more writing to talking about the nonsexual part of my life as well as continuing the ongoing saga of my chastity and submission to Mrs. Lion.

In the meantime please keep your eyes open for interesting reads. I’d love to learn about new resources and entertainments.


  1. Author

    I have never been a fan of that site. I agree that it is mostly fantasy and posturing. There is a place for that. People who look for jerk off fodder can certainly find it there. That doesn’t mean everything is fantasy. It’s just a matter of personal taste.

  2. I do enjoy reading your musings though due to several reasons I just don’t seem to have had the time or focus in last few months, now though with this bloody virus and out lock downs I should have more time. Looks like I have some catching up to do.

    1. Author

      I hope you enjoy what we’ve written.

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