Not Inertia This Time

I fell asleep when I got home from work yesterday. Suddenly it was almost 7. Oops. I guess I really was tired. When I put the puppy in her crate, I reminded her that the goal was to sleep until 6. Yeah, right. She was up at 3 again. And then she was up well before 6. Luckily, she didn’t whine too much and let me sleep a little longer. Lion was up, so I let her out and was able to nod off until 6:30, when the alarm went off. And then I went to work. A two-hour meeting made me incredibly sleepy again. Argh!

The just because spanking for tonight was canceled yesterday. Lion and I have been having stomach issues for the past week or so. We’re at the point that we feel better, but that next meal might send us over the edge again. Part of my problem may be a lack of sleep. Do I have enough energy for normal digestion? I think it’s better to lay low for a while longer to let things work themselves out. Barring any setbacks, we should be good to go for Monday.

Is it inertia or self-preservation? Maybe a bit of both. Obviously, being tired can lead to inertia. By not expending energy to spank him, I’m giving myself a chance to recover. Lion, too. I don’t imagine he’d have too much fun being swatted when his gut is angry. Plus, I think inertia happens unconsciously. I am fully aware that I’m putting off spanking. The problem starts if I don’t spank him Monday without a reason. Believe me, I’m fighting hard against inertia.

We’re also entering the time frame in which Lion starts to be more interested in sex. I’m not saying he’ll be horny necessarily. He’s just thinking about it. Rubbing my weenie will feel very nice but may or may not result in an erection. If he does get one, he may not be able to hold it long. This is the period of time that I don’t think really counts as part of the wait, but I haven’t figured out a way to qualify it. He might say he’s been waiting 14 days, but for the first six, he might not have been horny at all. Doesn’t that mean he’s only been waiting nine days? So far, the only reliable way we have of counting is to start the day after an orgasm. Who’s to say he isn’t super horny on day four?

We’ve been pretty boring lately. Puppy, puppy, puppy, blah, blah, blah. Not much on the sex front. I thank you for your patience.

[Lion — My interest in sex comes back after a day or so. My ability to get hard may or may not return so soon. Today is the 5th day and I have definite sexual thoughts.]