Lawn Now, Lion Later

I am taking a break from mowing the lawn. It was so high that we would have lost a puppy in it. It also looked horrible. It’s 80 here right now. There was no way I could have been out there in 100-degree weather. I’m not sure I’ll have the energy to do weed whacking, but at least most of the ugly will be gone.

I didn’t spank Lion last night. I intended to. I wanted him to sit on sore buns at the casino. We both fell asleep, and then we were trying to get to the Department Of Licensing to request a duplicate copy of the truck’s title, but they close at 4, so we wouldn’t have made it anyway. I’ll swat him tonight for sure and then Thursday night, so his buns will be sore for the trip to get the puppy on Friday. I spanked him before the last trip, but he said the seats in the car are too soft for him to feel it. Either I have to hit harder or give him something uncomfortable to sit on in the car.

The other night it took Lion quite a while to get to the edge. I almost gave up a few times, thinking he wasn’t going to make it. I wasn’t uncomfortable, so I kept going. He had a very nice orgasm with lots of tasty Lion cream for me. It’s always nice to be rewarded for a job well done. Maybe he’ll be ready for more action after his spanking. At the very least, we can snuggle, and I can give my weenie some attention. Even if he won’t get hard, my weenie likes attention. My balls do too, although they don’t alert me when they’re having fun.

Okay. Back to the lawn. I should have plenty of time to rest up before I have to bring out the spanking bench.