Broken Promises

We, males, are genetically programmed to expect ejaculation to follow sexual arousal. Every woman knows the sequence of events. She knows that once erection is achieved, the launch sequence has begun. It’s “wrong” to get a man hard and not let him finish. There are subtle variations on this theme. In my experience, if the erection is spontaneous, that is, she didn’t touch my penis, then the woman generally doesn’t feel obligated to make me ejaculate. If she helps my erection along, then there is an implied promise to get me off.

It’s a simple transaction. If the woman didn’t intend to make me hard, she has no guilt if she ignores my arousal. This social convention has served humanity for a very long time. Unfortunately, it also sharply limits the amount of fun both sexes can have. Granted, the continuation of the species requires the traditional practice. We’re past that now.

Consider this: If a woman likes a man, or at least is attracted to him, she can freely touch him anywhere she wants. This includes his penis. She can consider his erection a compliment. He doesn’t expect her to make him ejaculate. Of course, he wants her to, but it isn’t expected. Exactly how the date ends is up to the couple.

This is how male chastity works. I love it when Mrs. Lion plays with my penis. I know that this play will get me very aroused and want to ejaculate. I also know that she feels no obligation to give me an orgasm. Almost all of the time, she stops before I can have an orgasm. Initially, I considered this a power exchange with Mrs. Lion. On one level, that’s true. On another, we have established a new sexual language. Stimulating my penis is not a signal I will get to have an orgasm.

My cock is just another area she can pet that I enjoy. There is no promise that I will ejaculate. In fact, it is understood that I won’t. I wonder how many women would enjoy petting their date’s penis if there was no implied promise of more. Would that increased level of intimacy provide a nice runway that eventually ends with orgasms for both?

If sexual touching is a nice thing people can do without any implied promises, we could all have more fun. Yes, we males are programmed to go for the gold if we get aroused. That doesn’t mean we can’t be trained to enjoy sexual touching without a happy ending. Wearing a male chastity device trained me. I’m having a very good time.


  1. Arousal has varying degrees. Strong arousal should end with ejaculation. This is the nature of things. Everything else is our way of playing with what we are given.

  2. You can’t fool nature. Sooner or later, you will have to ejaculate.

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