Better Mood


Even though I had to fix more complex math problems again yesterday, I was in a vastly better mood when I got home. I’ve been more tired the past few days but that didn’t stop me from milking Lion. He says he likes milking because he feels like he’s doing something other than just lying on his back. He gets participation points.

He was surprised when I told him the other night that he humps a little while I’m milking him. He didn’t understand how because he can’t really use his hips. I couldn’t really explain it to him at the time, but last night I watched it more carefully. He actually does two motions. He rocks back and forth like I did when he entered me from behind. And he arches his back which does move his hips a little bit. It may not be as dramatic as when he’s on the bed moving up and down, but it’s there.

I was able to milk him for a little more than ten minutes last night. I glanced at the clock when we started because I was curious to see how long it lasted. Given the sounds he was making, I think it’s possible to edge him in this position. I’ll have to work on my stamina and maybe use some accouterments but we might get there.

lion's penis teased by magic wand
This never fails to get lion hot. He stands up straight for the Magic Wand.

Once Lion was on his back again, I used the Magic Wand. He said he thought I’d use it for milking but I want to see how things go naturally first. Now that it’s clear he’s enjoying himself, I’ll use the Magic Wand. The issue we’re having is that Lion doesn’t maintain his erection for long after we stop milking. The Magic Wand failed us but when I went to lick some precum off he reacted so strongly that I decided to continue on with my mouth. However, that didn’t last long either. We both enjoyed it but he never got near the edge.

Of course, Lion says he’s broken. It’s been a few days of not maintaining his erection. He’s sure he’s broken. He’ll never have another orgasm again. Does this sound familiar? He’s always convinced he’s broken. I’m not. I consider it a challenge to get him to the edge again. I will not rest until he’s had another orgasm! Okay. I’ll rest but you know what I mean. I’m not giving up and he shouldn’t either. He just needs to enjoy all the contortions and acrobatics I go through to get him excited. Just kneel there or lay there and enjoy yourself, Lion. Don’t focus on being broken. Focus on me trying to get you off.