Sting or Thud? Who Cares? He’s Red

Here he is after I spanked him. Click for a closer look. I did blister his butt!

As you may have read in Lion’s post, he got a red butt last night. I used a bloodwood paddle and a rubber paddle with holes. I don’t know if either produced sting or thud. They all sound like that sting when they hit. I’ve never been on the receiving end of a spanking, other than the occasional playful swat during sex, so I have no idea what difference it makes between sting and thud.

I tried Lion’s idea of using tiny spot Bandaids when he started to bleed. It didn’t work very well. There has to be a way to keep him from bleeding all over my paddles. There’s some splatter. The paddles start to stick. It’s no bueno. The good news is that he stops bleeding almost immediately when I get a washcloth to clean him.

After my shower, we settled in to watch Grey’s Anatomy. There was no medicine. A character is leaving, and it was his last show, so they were explaining where the character was going. Lion didn’t come right out and say it was soap opera, but I know he thought it. I guess he didn’t want his butt to hurt even more. When the show ended, I asked if he thought it was too late to play. He said it looked like my back was still hurting a lot, so we should hold off another night. It’s true that it was better, but still hurting. I’m sure it’s the bed. A few weeks ago, I made the bed harder. It seems counterintuitive that making it softer will help, but I’m willing to try anything at this point. Well, I won’t go to the doctor, so almost anything.

I will definitely give Lion some attention tonight. I don’t care if it makes my back hurt. He’s waited too long. Who says? I do.

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  1. If your back hurts so badly and the pain persists, maybe you should still see a doctor?

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