A Very Happy Ending

I love how it feels when I start to get hard. It’s like my cock has a life of its own. When Mrs. Lion began massaging that spot under the head, I felt a shock of pleasure. Experience has taught me that this pleasant feeling doesn’t always mean an erection will follow. This time, the pleasurable feelings continued, and I felt my growing cock pressing against her fingers. I held my breath. Would I keep growing as she rubbed? That brief worry may have slowed its growth. Fortunately, she grasped the growing shaft and increased both pressure and motion. That drove the doubts from my mind.

When I’m at full attention, there is a pleasant feeling of tension, of pulling, as my cock pushes the comforter up to give it room. My mind focuses on the sensation. It feels so good to be fully aroused. Mrs. Lion asks if I want to come out from under the covers. I know what that means. She wants to suck my cock. I quickly agree. She laughs. My hardness gave me away. It’s hard to say no when I’m so obviously interested.

That’s one of the advantages women have. They can see when we are in heat. An erection is tough to conceal, especially if you are naked. It takes much more intimate exploration to learn if she is interested. I didn’t have to check to know that Mrs. Lion wasn’t. She is still in the process of changing medications to see if her libido will return. All of the activity was for me.

As we got in position for oral sex, I started to worry. Would I be able to go all the way to orgasm? All too often, I will get more and more aroused. I can feel the pressure of an orgasm starting to build. I breathe faster, and my hips move, trying to encourage more vigorous sucking. Then, without warning, the sensations disappear, and my erection subsides. Mrs. Lion is a good sport and tells me that she’s glad I had some fun. I get back under the covers as quickly as I can and turn the TV on. I want to forget what just happened.

I’ve been wondering if this problem is caused by years of tease and deny. Has my brain shut off arousal before the disappointment of almost coming is allowed to happen? Is that even possible? After a three-day rest between orgasms, I suggested that I get spanked if I fail to ejaculate on the third night or later. I get turned on when I think about being spanked. Also, I’m not too fond of Mrs. Lion’s spankings. I figured it would be a sort of carrot-and-stick deal. I would be turned on thinking that if I don’t perform, I will be spanked and worried about how much it hurts when I am.

It seemed to work. I kept my erection, and the feeling kept growing. I wanted to come. I really wanted to come. Suddenly, I could feel that sharp cramp in my right thigh that signals I’m past the point of no return. The orgasm washed over me. I couldn’t feel myself ejaculating; I rarely can. The waves of pleasure and then pain as Mrs. Lion kept sucking peaked. She sensed that it was hurting me, and she stopped. Sometimes, if she feels playful, she will keep my cock in her mouth and rub her tongue over the very-sensitive head. Ow!

Her latest idea is to tell me in advance if she expects me to ejaculate or not. If I know that I’m going to be teased, I can be prepared for a buildup without the happy ending. I’ll also know that I won’t be spanked if I can’t finish. She stays in control but allows me to work as her ally consciously.

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  1. There is nothing worse than doubt. It is they who distract us from the main thing, forcing us to make the wrong decisions.

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