A Few (Perhaps Unpopular) Ideas

When I did the dinner dishes last night, I saw that Lion had not set up the coffee pot. Didn’t I just whomp him for forgetting it last weekend? Maybe he thinks he gets weekends off. I wasn’t going to remind him, and I figured if he didn’t set it up, it wouldn’t go off at 5:30 in the morning instead of 6:30 because of the time change.

When he went to get his contacts out, he said he still had to set up the coffee pot. He didn’t want a repeat of last week’s punishment. Good idea! It wasn’t till later that I remembered the incorrect time. He hadn’t thought of it either. Not a big deal. I changed it. He did the most important part. He saved his butt.

I’m still hesitant to scold him during punishment. I just started talking to him while I’m spanking. Maybe scolding will happen organically if I continue talking to him. It’s hard to say. I had no idea I’d be punishing him when I first started spanking him. I never know what level of depravity I’ll sink to. (Yes, I’m joking.) But he is just the type of guy my mother warned me about.

Last week, when I said I’d have to find a phrase that lets him know he’s in for a world of hurt, I didn’t mean if I was tired. I meant if we were in the middle of the store and he did something that required punishment, I needed some way to tell him that wouldn’t arouse suspicion from other shoppers. Of course, I could say he earned some swats, but the lady squeezing tomatoes might take offense to that. Maybe I could say something along the lines of “do we need to leave right now?”. That might raise some eyebrows, but no one would know what it really means.

I was thinking about the shock collar too. If he’s getting close to trouble, I could hit with a vibration. If he’s crossed the line, I could zap him. People might look at him if he jumped a mile in the air from the zap, but they wouldn’t know what happened to the crazy person. Perhaps we’ll revisit the shock collar.



  1. Zap collar sounds like a great idea!

  2. Jumping in the middle of the store is really not a good idea. What will the people around you think?

  3. Maybe a non-verbal cue could be what you’re looking for? If he feels you squeeze his upper arm then he knows he’s going to hear more about it later!

    1. Interesting idea. What do you think, Mrs. Lion?

  4. Here, indeed, a different signal is needed. Not so harsh and obvious to others.

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