Mrs. Lion has been writing about taking a firmer hand with me. I’m not sure why she hasn’t followed through. That’s a little surprising. She normally uses the blog as a way to signal changes. For example, she has been writing about resuming anal play. So far, we haven’t done any. The same is true about her taking more control. I assume that she will do both. Sometimes, she just needs a little extra time between announcing a new policy and implementing it.

A sore point for her is the difference in our tastes in television. I’ve lost patience with some of the programs that used to be very interesting. I don’t like soap operas and many evening programs tend to be moving in a soapy direction. Mrs. Lion, on the other hand, enjoys that sort of thing. I don’t object to watching “her” shows. I want to point out that she wrote in the past (a year or two ago) that she would spank me if I commented about her shows. She hasn’t followed through on that either.

Even though our domestic discipline could be considered a game, it’s very effective. I generally remember to set up the coffee pot. The exception was Sunday, when things were a bit topsy-turvy here. Out of the goodness of her heart, Mrs. Lion reminded me that I had forgotten to do it. My point is that I am much more consistent about taking care of that chore. Mrs. Lion’s painful spankings do make an impression on me.

I know I’m going to regret pointing this out, but her paddle is an excellent teaching tool. If she doesn’t like how I deal with her programs, a visit or two with her paddle will help improve my behavior. A less drastic measure is just to growl if I make a comment she doesn’t like. Knowing me, a hybrid approach is probably best, a growl followed by a spanking at the next convenient time. I don’t think writing about it in a post is very useful in changing what I do. Mrs. Lion has the tools and knows how to use them.

I think we are both out of practice. A disciplinary relationship requires, well, discipline. We’ve both learned that the more consistently we practice something, the more things improve. I think that Mrs. Lion has slowed down. Inertia may be taking over. I don’t know why. It’s not good for either of us. I’m very sure my vacation from being taken in hand is probably ending. When Mrs. Lion writes about what bothers her, that may be a sign of this inertia. When she writes about what she’s done to correct me from something she dislikes, we know she is in action mode. Now that she has perfected her spanking style, you’ll also know because I’ll write about how uncomfortable it is to sit down.

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  1. A fun way to communicate is to write to each other about your plans in a blog. Probably, while you write, some new thoughts come to mind.

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