Attention for Lion’s Posterior

I have been so tired lately. Worse than usual. Obviously, this is not conducive to working, household responsibilities, or taking care of Lion. It may be one of the reasons I haven’t been following through when I tease/threaten Lion with activities for the evening. I’m not sure what to do about it, but I will bring it up at my doctor’s appointment on Friday.

Several days ago, a butt plug was delivered. It’s a PVC plug from Extreme Restraints. When I saw it, I thought it might be a nice addition to the glass butt plug Lion bought recently. I thought they’d be about the same size at their small ends, with the PVC one having more marked separations between the bumps. After it arrived, however, I realized it’s much bigger. Not that we can’t or won’t use it. It’s just not quite what I had pictured. Certainly, the PVC will be squishier and perhaps easier to tolerate than the glass one. We won’t know till we try.

Speaking of trying, we haven’t revisited the yoga pillow since the first time we tried it. If I don’t give Lion a haircut tonight, we may revisit the pillow and see if we can’t find a suitable crack-spanking position. Lion has suggested a smaller rubber paddle for that purpose. It may work well, but it’s short so that I won’t have the same leverage as a longer paddle. I guess to find a good position, I can use it. It’s not like I have to abandon a longer paddle altogether. I can use the smaller paddle when I want to whomp his crack and the longer one when I swat the outer areas.

Last night, we watched one of my shows. I still like it, and Lion still doesn’t. However, it’s what he said when I told him I hadn’t thought about watching my show in the living room while he watched his in the bedroom that bothered me. He said there isn’t a surface to sit on in the living room. Previously, this was true. The couch was my go-to place for clean sheets and comforters that I didn’t want to fold and put away. A few months ago, I cleared things out. Then, when his treadmill was delivered, the area was taken over by all the cardboard it arrived in. Within a week, I had that gone. There may be a few random things in the living room, but I worked hard to get most of the stuff out, and I’m confident I could find a place to sit to watch TV if I want to.

Yesterday, Lion received some chair pads that are supposed to improve our posture when we sit at our desks. He said it has the added benefit of being squishier for a spanked bottom to sit on. Uh. No. Nope. No way. What’s the point of spanking a butt if it’s going to be comfy? He shouldn’t be allowed to cradle his sore buns after all my hard work to tenderize them. Sorry, Lion. The chair pad can be used for posture, but not the day of or the day after a spanking, making it difficult to sit. He’s lucky I don’t find a different kind of chair pad that hurts more when he sits with a sore butt.

Yup. Sometimes I’m a bitch.

[Lion — The new chair pads aren’t very comfortable. They are soft but too small.]

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