Football Bad, Teasing Good

Damn Buccaneers! I thought it would be a closer game. The lion got 18 warm-up swats and 93 hard swats. That’s not really a lot in the overall scheme of things. However, I thought it would get his motor going. And it did!

I started with my hand, as I usually do. Then I sat up and continued with my hand. I didn’t think I could get very far that way, but it was nice to try. He’s been doing better with my mouth, as I bet most men would. So I switched to oral. It still took a while, but I think he responded quicker than he would have by hand.

I got him pretty close a few times. He wasn’t quite panting. I was worried about a ruined orgasm. I also thought that maybe I should let him come again, but I wondered if it was too soon. Yes, all these things go through my mind as I’m sucking him. Multitasking. I was just really happy he was staying hard for so long. When I was done, I said we might be getting somewhere. Lion said he doesn’t think he’s as unbroken as I think, but he’s less broken than he thinks. I’m encouraged by the baby steps. I’m cautiously optimistic, and I’m rarely optimistic about anything.

At this point, I’m thinking we go full steam ahead. We can try some anal training and some more spanking. I’m sure both will help our cause. Lion has some other ideas, but I won’t steal his thunder. His post for tomorrow speaks to that. I’m happy to help things along in any way I can. It’s a good thing I like jerking him off and sucking him; otherwise, this might be difficult. It’s like an experiment, and we know how much I like experimenting on Lion. He’s a lucky boy.

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  1. He is indeed a lucky boy and I’m sure that he realises this. I too am a very fortunate boy being married to a very loving and caring disciplinarian wife. Mrs Luthor is also a very fine artist and I’m so excited by a new painting that she is working on right now. I have been given sneak peeks and like I said I am delighted with what I see. The painting depicts me over Mrs Luthor’s knee getting a very sound spanking with a drilled out paddle. I love what she has done thus far and can’t wait till it’s finished. She says that my buttocks need to be a little redder and that will be attended to later. I wasn’t sure if she meant that literally or was talking about the painting! ?

    It’s eventually going to hang in my study where I work. I’d like to share a photo of it on completion if I can work out how to do that! ?

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