Therapeutic Ejaculation

The results came back on my testosterone test. I’m completely normal. The levels are almost dead center in the normal range. That means whatever issue I’m having with ejaculation isn’t armament related. The fact that Mrs. Lion can get me off suggests that maybe our prolonged male chastity activity could have a negative side effect. A long time ago, I read that male potency partially depends on the frequency of ejaculation. In at least one study, the number of ejaculations a month correlated with lifelong ability to get the job done.

We’ve been practicing male orgasm control for more than seven years. Mrs. Lion has not been extreme about how long she keeps me waiting between orgasm. But she does interrupt my having an orgasm quite often. I’m not complaining because it’s fun for me. It may be that psychologically I’ve learned not to expect orgasms and, as a result, lost the ability to have them very often.

On Sunday night, Mrs. Lion got me very close to the edge. It wasn’t so close that I was just a hair shy of ejaculation, but it was close enough that I could feel one starting to build. This is very encouraging. It’s different from what was going on over the last couple of months. I never got that close before; I just lost interest in my erection subsided. Male anorgasmia, from what I’ve read, would be much harsher. If I could only have an orgasm every 20 or 25 days, that would probably be within the medical condition. Sunday night, it was only four days.

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Wouldn’t it be funny if I need a male orgasm exercise program? When I mentioned to Mrs. Lion that we could probably help the condition with some home training, she suggested we go back to an orgasm every day. I know she’s joking because she didn’t get up with horrible cramps in her jaw. But it does make sense to see what would happen if she made a dedicated effort to get me off as often as possible.

I doubt that she will make this a permanent exercise. If she can restore my ability to get off, I’m very sure she’ll go back to teasing me and making me wait. Either way, this is still male orgasm control. When I asked her to lock me up and control when I get to ejaculate, she gave me an orgasm every day for the first few days. She correctly assumed that was orgasm control. Of course, she was right. I was getting too tired from being jerked off every night.

You can play the game in more than one way. Just because the typical male fantasy includes being made to wait long periods of time between orgasms doesn’t mean that the game isn’t valid if the keyholder demands frequent orgasms. The entire point of male chastity is that the male turns over control of when he gets to ejaculate to his keyholder. It’s up to her to make all of the decisions about when he gets to come.

I’ve asked Mrs. Lion to begin a course of therapeutic ejaculations. It’s up to her how she wishes to do this. It’s just a new twist in our male chastity. Stay tuned.

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