Ordinarily I think of myself as an optimistic pessimist. Recently, however, I was told I’m actually a realist. Since I tend to lean toward the glass being half empty, I stand by my optimistic pessimism. The glass is half empty but the waitress may be coming to fill it up at some point. In other words, I may always feel down, but I try not to let it get me down. The past few days I have. We are still in the same dire straits we were in yesterday, but Lion has another interview on Wednesday so things may be looking up again. Life is a roller coaster. I don’t like roller coasters. I’m more of a Tilt-a-Whirl or Scrambler person.

I think we’ve both been pretty exhausted. We seem to sleep at night, but we’re not getting good sleep. Stress will do that to you. I was debating whether or not to play with Lion last night. About 9 I asked for the Lion weather report. He said he thought he was horny. Still, I debated. According to our relationship agreement (if you watch The Big Bang Theory you get the reference) I could have taken last night off since I played with him Thursday night. By 10 he looked so hopeful that I gave in. After I unlocked him and started sucking him he said, “uh oh.” I stopped. Uh oh? He said he forgot to remind me it was maintenance spanking day. Uh oh, indeed! I almost stopped to administer the swats then, but I was otherwise engaged. I told him he had something for his list on Monday and continued.

In less than two weeks, we will publish our 1,000th post. To celebrate this millennium, we have asked another couple practicing enforced chastity and FLM to write with us. We would like your questions. What would you like to know about enforced chastity and FLM? Ask your question in a comment to this post. Just indicate it is a question for the 1,000th post.

Lion loves to be sucked. I think most men do. Many women find it distasteful. I’m not one of them. I love sucking him almost as much as he loves being sucked. When I was done he told me it was perfect, except that I forgot to go all the way. Did I? No, I don’t think I did. I think I went all the way to the edge quite a few times. He laughed. I reminded him that Thursday night, when I offered to let him come if he wanted to eat it, he told me sometimes it’s nice to wait. Well, my pet, you don’t get to choose how long that wait is. One more day? Two more days? A week? You roll the dice and take your chances.

Part of me still wonders if it’s better for him to know the exact date of his next orgasm. Even if I said it was next Tuesday, I still have the power to give it to him Monday or Thursday. He could never be sure. Part of me thinks it’s better that he always think tonight’s the night. This time she’ll keep going. This is definitely it. Damn! I do know that I’m more likely to cheat and give him an unscheduled orgasm. I knew I would. But I did that when he knew the date anyway. Keep him guessing. Maybe tonight really is the night. We’ll see.