We Are In The Dark, But OK

We lost power Tuesday night. It’s now late Wednesday afternoon and it’s still off. Mrs. Lion dragged out our generator, so we have some lights, refrigeration, and satellite TV. We have a wood stove that is keeping us warm. Mrs. Lion is cooking on our propane stove. I’m writing on my iPad using my cell phone hotspot. It just started delivering 5G. Believe the commercials. It is as fast as WiFi.

The power outages are widespread. Over 200,000 houses are dark. This was caused by a couple of bursts of high wind late Tuesday night. There is a lot of local flooding and trees are down crushing houses. We are fine.

I can’t claim we are in survival mode, but my lioness is tired and sore. Couple that with no hot water for cleanup and messy play is highly unlikely. She did say that sex wasn’t out of the question. We’ll see.

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  1. I purchased your book. I love it! I keep a righteous erection all through Les and Steve’s first encounter. Now I am wondering when the Netflix movie will be out?

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