I Have the Power

Through the miracle of personal hotspots, I was able to log into work despite not having power or internet. I was getting a few things done when the UPS decided it didn’t like the power coming in from our generator and shut things down. Crap! So I decided to go off in search of more Duraflame logs and more gas for the generator. Before I made it to the store, Lion called to say the power was back on. Hurray! Now “all I needed to do” was undo all the extension cords and reconnect to house power. The hardest part about that was coiling up the extension cords when they were all disconnected. We are now on regular power although the internet is still nonexistent. Good thing the hotspot works.

I was sore and very tired last night. I fell asleep off and on while we watched TV. Lion snoozed earlier. I guess we took turns being asleep. I didn’t have the energy to do anything with him. I hope he understood. I’m still sore today and I really wasn’t looking forward to carrying boxes of Duraflame logs or full containers of gas. I would have because that’s what needed to be done, but it would have hurt. I think once I get a shower (not having hot water for a shower might be the worst part of not having power) and take some Tylenol, I’ll be ready to give Lion some action tonight. I don’t know if that will include anal activity or not. That requires me to stand behind him and it might be too much for my back, but we’ll see. I’ll do my best.

In a little while I’ll drag the generator into the shed so it will be easier to pull out next time there’s a power failure. That better not happen for a long time. We’ll lay in a supply of gas and logs over the next few weeks now that there’s no rush. And I hope things will get back to normal.