Power Failure

We had a big storm blow through last night and wiped out power all over the area. There are pockets that still have power but for those of us with none, there isn’t even an estimate for when it will be back. Luckily we have a generator. Unfortunately, I had to drag it from our storage area, up a hill, and then it wouldn’t start. I also couldn’t find a hose we needed for our propane heater. I was annoyed.

I think it was my fourth try, I changed a setting on the generator and it coughed. That was the first encouraging noise out of it. It started a few tries later. Thank god. But then I had to pull out the extension cords and set them up. My back was killing me but I got it done. Then I tried to find the stupid propane hose. No dice.

After a failed run to a few stores looking for the hose or another heater, I tore the house apart and found our smaller propane heater. Score! Now we should be set. We have the wood burning stove, the generator and the heater. Oh, and the TV. Almost all the comforts of home. A shower would be nice.


  1. Hope your power comes back on quickly. We don’t have a generator but I have three power inverters and several 12v batteries including two motorcycle batteries. We can get the Internet router working no bother and we have a fireplace for heat and hot water for teas and coffee. Our power has never been off for more than a few hours. I’m actually surprised that our power has stayed on through some pretty hefty storms here in BC over the last few weeks.

  2. I’m sorry that you had to work so hard to improve your life. I hope that the bad weather will pass and your life will return to a peaceful course.

    1. Thanks for the good wishes.

  3. With our current dependence on gadgets and electrical appliances, the lack of electricity is becoming a cataclysm. But how cleverly you dealt with this problem!

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