Mrs. Lion didn’t have to work yesterday, and we were all set to sleep late, squeeze some fresh orange juice, and enjoy breakfast in bed. At eight the power went off. When it goes off, our UPS’s start beeping and wake us up. Mrs. Lion used our power company’s app and reported the outage. She got a text back that it would be fixed within two hours. Cool. We went back to sleep. Mrs. Lion woke up about an hour later.

She kept checking her phone and discovered that the outages were spreading, and now the power company couldn’t give us an estimate. We are fine with a two-hour outage. Frozen and refrigerated food stay cold. After that, things start going south. Mrs. Lion got up and dragged out the generator and cables to connect to stuff in the house. She managed to get everything covered. We had some light, refrigeration, and the TV stuff was connected and working.

The outage lasted over six hours. Mrs. Lion reconnected to power and put away the generator and cables. She was pretty wiped out. Things were back to normal by 4:30. We had planned to go get some food and prescriptions. We’ll have to do that when Mrs. Lion is done working today.

I’m writing this post at 4:30 on Monday. I hope Mrs. Lion feels a bit frisky tonight. I do. If she does, perhaps she will use the Box O’Fun for inspiration. If not, there’s always tomorrow.

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