Last night we went to pick up Lion’s glasses. Ordinarily, the trip would take about 20 minutes each way. Unfortunately, the main road closed on Monday so we had to take a detour, behind a slow driver. It took 45 minutes. The trip back was shorter. I guess we managed to hit rush hour.

By the time we got home and ate dinner, I was done. I think the medication change is bothering me. I’m achier and more tired. I’ve had a headache off and on for the past four or five days. I hope these issues will resolve once my body get used to the meds. I just don’t know how long it will take. I’m willing to tough it out for about a month before I send up a flare to the doctor. In the meantime, I’ll manage the best I can.

Lion was a little disappointed I wasn’t able to give him any attention. He understood, but that doesn’t take away from the disappointment. I mean, you can understand why you can’t have X but you can still be disappointed. As it turns out, Lion’s shoulder started hurting while we snuggled. He may need to go back in for a steroid shot. We’re both just falling apart at the seams.

Tonight, I have to pick up more of the dog’s medicine and change the bed. Once that’s done, Lion can probably have some fun. I don’t want to disappoint him two nights in a row. I know I might not get him to the edge so soon after an orgasm, but I need to try. He might surprise me. He’s been hornier than usual lately.

He did ask for some attention for his butt too. It may not happen tonight, but it will happen. As I was cleaning up over the weekend, I found a multi-color dildo we’ve never used. It might be a bit big for starters but I’m sure he can take it with a little practice. He might even be ready for it before the weekend is over.

Every so often someone writes a note in Contact Us talking about an experience they find significant. Of course, it’s always about some form of sexual control. Invariably it’s a fantasy that the writer expects me to believe really happened to him. I don’t spend a lot of time reading and I never respond. That’s not the point. I wonder why someone would take the time to create and send something like this?

I can see that the act of writing down a sexual fantasy might be a turn-on. Maybe sending it to someone you think will share it and expand on it, is even better. Why us? The fact that we are fairly public figures who write about male chastity and other related topics might be a partial reason. I could see it if a regular reader wanted to share. These people obviously don’t read the blog at all. I guess they Google “male chastity” or some similar topic and see our blog come up. Without bothering to read a line, they just click on the contact button or the comment button and off they go.

We don’t publish every comment submitted. I usually do the review and I delete anything obviously “junk mail”. The other day, some genius commented on a post in which Mrs. Lion wrote she gave me oral sex. The full text of the comment was, “Do you swallow”. The author failed to put a question mark at the end. Do inquiring minds want to know if Mrs. Lion swallows? They would know if they read our blog! For the record, she does and truly savors the taste. I will never understand that. She’s written about it a lot.

More significantly, I wonder what my wife’s culinary preferences have to do with male chastity, domestic discipline, or FLR? As far as I can tell: nothing. The relevant semen-eating question is whether I have to eat what I produce? That would be more in keeping with what we write about. The answer is that sometimes Mrs. Lion feeds it to me. Fortunately for me, it isn’t often because she wants it for herself. She recognizes the D/S value of making me eat it, but sees no reason to lose out on a treat just to demonstrate her power over me. The question about swallowing can be highly relevant if it is asked of the correct partner.

Another popular topic that gets deleted is spanking anecdotes. This is similar to the chastity junk mail I get. A typical one starts with: “If I drink and carouse too much with my male friends My wife paddles my naked butt when i get home.” Doesn’t everyone’s wife do that? Again, I can’t understand why the writer wants to tell us this story. Even if it were true, it contributes nothing to our conversation. All of our readers hear lots of true spanking stories that involve Mrs. Lion and my naked butt. We even provide photographic evidence.

I do get a chuckle out of some of this stuff. A lot of unintentional comedy ends up in the bit bucket. Keep the junk mail coming. Laughs are hard to come by these days.

Lion’s Butt recently spanked.

It is no secret that I love Lion’s butt. While I love his whole body, I am particularly fond of his butt. It’s ironic because he doesn’t have much of a butt. It’s fairly flat. It doesn’t even hold his pants up very well. But there’s something about it that I find appealing.

I know it’s not just because I swat it. I don’t even really care if it’s bruised or not. I like the way it looks. I like to come up behind him and fondle it. He’s got soft, smooth skin. What can I say? He’s got a cute butt. [Lion — Thank you! It’s been a while since you’ve visited it. I miss the attention.]

Lion is a butt man himself. He tells a story about being in the bank behind a celebrity with a sexy butt [Phoebe Cates] while his now-ex-wife was sitting in the car admiring said celebrity’s celebrity husband. He always comments about how cute this celebrity’s butt is or used to be, depending on their age. I don’t mind these comments. I don’t even care if he looks at butts when we’re in public. I once followed a guy across a parking lot because he had a cute butt. This was pre-Lion and I wasn’t being creepy about it.

The other day I had to free our robot vacuum cleaner for the fifth or sixth time getting stuck under Lion’s printer cabinet. As I was bent over, Lion said, “Mmmmm. Nice view.” I had no pants on so he got the full monty. I love the view when he bends over too. It’s nice we can amuse each other so easily. I’d actually forgotten how much Lion loves the rear view. He doesn’t comment about mine much. I’m glad he still looks.

On Friday, it will be two weeks since I went to the doctor and found out that medication may be affecting my libido. The doctor said it could take two weeks or more to notice any difference. Don’t worry. Lion has been asking every few days if there’s been a change. Not so far. I don’t want to think too much about it. I figure it will sneak up on me. And then I’ll sneak up on Lion.

Eleven months have gone by of the worst year I can remember. Like most guys who are under orgasm control, I keep records of how many orgasms I am given. You can see the graph that shows my ejaculations over the last five years. In 2019 at the end of November, I had received 49 orgasms. This year the total-to-date is 32. This average is just under three a month. The chart shows my ejaculations by month for each of the five years I’ve been keeping track. It looks like last year and this year are the same for November. I wouldn’t be surprised if December is also equal.

This brings up a topic near and dear to the male chastity crowd: what is the right number? Over the years, I’ve read a lot of blogs, some claiming to be written by women, that try to assign a value. Since bloggers are an incestuous bunch, unsurprisingly there seems to be a consensus. Female bloggers suggest that men do best if they receive an orgasm every 7 to 14 days. This range comes from people who say they aren’t kinky. They also don’t talk about using male chastity devices.

Over the years, without following anyone’s advice, Mrs. Lion seems to have settled on a 10 to 14-day range. She varies a little, but overall that’s what I get. Last year, I ended up with 52 orgasms, averaging one per week. This year it looks like I will end up with 35 orgasms (if I’m lucky). That would give me an average wait of about 10 days. Are three dozen orgasms a year the right number?

The answer to that depends on exactly why orgasms are being controlled in the first place. I suspect the majority of men under this sort of control do it because it’s a sexy game. They like the idea that their partner is in sexual control. The women who take this job, probably have no clear idea of what to do with the power. My suggestion is that to make the game fun for all, the man has to wait long enough to really want to ejaculate. That doesn’t mean the first time he feels horny after an orgasm. It means that he is starting to fixate on the idea that he needs to come. Some people call this blue balls. No, our balls don’t get blue when we need to have sex. They also don’t get larger because of their overflow of semen.

There is an element of conditioning to this game. If the woman really takes control, which means she and she alone decides when he gets off, if the number of days is fairly regular, he will begin to adapt. That means if he has to wait a week, after a while he won’t be particularly horny until a week has gone by. He’s adapted to the game.

There are a couple of different ways you can go with this. One is to adopt a small range of wait time; perhaps between seven and 10 days. If you stick to this, he will start wanting his orgasm badly after a week and grow increasingly frustrated until he gets it. If he knows he will get it before more than 10 days go by, he probably won’t become a pest about it. In some marriages, this sort of regularity is helpful to both partners. In a way, the woman has made a contract to provide a sexual release for her partner at least every so often. For most men, this is much better than the uncertainty of a relationship where orgasms can be many weeks apart at times.

The second way some people play is to extend the amount of time he has to wait. In some cases, the man waits for more than a year between orgasms. It’s not that he doesn’t get sexual fun. His partner encourages him to give her orgasms and she teases him. It’s just that he doesn’t get to ejaculate. A variation of this is that the woman intentionally varies the timing so that he never gets conditioned. For example, she might make him ejaculate every three or four days for a while. Then, without warning extend the time to 14 days. He will get very frustrated and horny. His body has been conditioned to expect ejaculation every four days.

When he starts getting used to waiting 14 days, she goes back to a twice-a-week orgasm schedule. This keeps him off balance sexually. He never knows when he will ejaculate. Mrs. Lion has often said that she likes this kind of technique. However, I don’t think she’s ever actually tried to do it. My time-between-orgasms remains fairly constant. I don’t mind this. I’m just making an observation.

It’s true that I don’t even seem to be ready to ejaculate until at least a week has gone by. I’ve been conditioned. That doesn’t mean that Mrs. Lion can’t play the game. For example, if I came after 15 days, which is what happened Sunday, my next orgasm might be held until 22 days or, seven days.

The reason I started keeping records in the first place was that Mrs. Lion and I could never remember how much time it passed between orgasms. I figured it would just be easier to start a spreadsheet and track not only the orgasms but how I got them. I didn’t create a Grapher that. Over the last three months, or so on my orgasms have been oral. Mrs. Lion has also teased me orally that entire time. It hurts her shoulder to give me hand jobs. I am definitely not complaining.