“My Wife Threw My Key Out Of The Window” And “When I Drink She Paddles My Naked Butt”

Every so often someone writes a note in Contact Us talking about an experience they find significant. Of course, it’s always about some form of sexual control. Invariably it’s a fantasy that the writer expects me to believe really happened to him. I don’t spend a lot of time reading and I never respond. That’s not the point. I wonder why someone would take the time to create and send something like this?

I can see that the act of writing down a sexual fantasy might be a turn-on. Maybe sending it to someone you think will share it and expand on it, is even better. Why us? The fact that we are fairly public figures who write about male chastity and other related topics might be a partial reason. I could see it if a regular reader wanted to share. These people obviously don’t read the blog at all. I guess they Google “male chastity” or some similar topic and see our blog come up. Without bothering to read a line, they just click on the contact button or the comment button and off they go.

We don’t publish every comment submitted. I usually do the review and I delete anything obviously “junk mail”. The other day, some genius commented on a post in which Mrs. Lion wrote she gave me oral sex. The full text of the comment was, “Do you swallow”. The author failed to put a question mark at the end. Do inquiring minds want to know if Mrs. Lion swallows? They would know if they read our blog! For the record, she does and truly savors the taste. I will never understand that. She’s written about it a lot.

More significantly, I wonder what my wife’s culinary preferences have to do with male chastity, domestic discipline, or FLR? As far as I can tell: nothing. The relevant semen-eating question is whether I have to eat what I produce? That would be more in keeping with what we write about. The answer is that sometimes Mrs. Lion feeds it to me. Fortunately for me, it isn’t often because she wants it for herself. She recognizes the D/S value of making me eat it, but sees no reason to lose out on a treat just to demonstrate her power over me. The question about swallowing can be highly relevant if it is asked of the correct partner.

Another popular topic that gets deleted is spanking anecdotes. This is similar to the chastity junk mail I get. A typical one starts with: “If I drink and carouse too much with my male friends My wife paddles my naked butt when i get home.” Doesn’t everyone’s wife do that? Again, I can’t understand why the writer wants to tell us this story. Even if it were true, it contributes nothing to our conversation. All of our readers hear lots of true spanking stories that involve Mrs. Lion and my naked butt. We even provide photographic evidence.

I do get a chuckle out of some of this stuff. A lot of unintentional comedy ends up in the bit bucket. Keep the junk mail coming. Laughs are hard to come by these days.