It’s hard to believe that the year is nearly over. I’m glad that the stimulus bill looks like it will pass. Like millions of other Americans, my unemployment runs out on December 26. I’m still on furlough with no sign I will be called back to work. Meanwhile, we are both doing our best to stay isolated and healthy. Fortunately, we are both happy being together without outside contacts.

I’ve hesitated writing about sex because I don’t want Mrs. Lion to think that I am signaling that I want something. I am very happy to wait until she is ready. Meanwhile, we snuggle and enjoy each other’s company. You won’t be surprised to learn that I have been thinking about sex. Admittedly, my thoughts haven’t been very specific. I really don’t mind waiting.

Mrs. Lion mentioned locking me up again. I have mixed feelings about that. We didn’t solve the fit issue with the Evotion Orion. I remeasured and ordered a longer and wider center section. Within minutes of putting it on, my cock was swallowed up inside the new part. The original center section is much shorter and narrower. In the past, I think it caused some irritation. I never figured out why. One theory is that the section is too narrow and abrades the area just under the head. But, I ended up with a single sore spot, not overall irritation. Also, this happened twice at different times, but in the same spot on my penis. If Mrs. Lion locks me in it again, we will both have to be very careful to look for potential irritation.

Since she is home all the time, I’m never really alone. There isn’t the slightest risk I will misbehave. Locking and unlocking me may be extra distractions for her. As you probably guessed, I’m ambivalent about returning to wearing a male chastity device. It might not be up to me, but Mrs. Lion is unlikely to lock me up unless I want her to. At least, I don’t think she will.

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  1. It’s certainly a very personal thing, but I actually feel somewhat comforted when I’m locked, and fairly soon start missing it when I’m not. (I certainly don’t mind being unlocked for an orgasm, though!) It’s a very tangible and consistent reminder of our relationship, and that my wife cares enough to keep me in chastity.

    1. Author

      I know what you mean. It’s up to Mrs. Lion to decide.

  2. Some stimulus! Three adults in our household received it, and altogether, it doesn’t quite cover one month’s rent.

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