I thought I solved the sizing issue with my Evotion male chastity device. I didn’t. As I wrote in my post yesterday, the new shaft section was 5/8 inches longer and a couple of millimeters wider. The idea was to take advantage of the ring that holds the head in place and allow more breathing room for my penis.

When Mrs. Lion locked it on, it seemed perfect. She had some trouble locking it together. That wasn’t the device’s fault, just lack of practice. Everything seemed to be exactly the way I hoped. However, within an hour the head of my penis had withdrawn into the shaft section while we were on the bed watching TV. My hope that a roomier cage would prevent a sore under the head couldn’t work.

The solution is probably to go back to the narrower shaft section. Some extra length might do the trick. Sizing this male chastity device has been a bit tricky for me. It’s not the fault of the device design or its seller, Evotion Wearables. It’s my wish to keep the head of my penis firmly in place. If I had a penis piercing, the device would be perfect. The piercing would fix my head to the top. I’m not prepared to be pierced again.

I might go back to the original shaft section. Perhaps if we approach locking me up by aligning the head of my penis before locking the shaft to the base ring, we can avoid any potential issues. I’ll talk it over with Mrs. Lion.

At this point, wearing a male chastity device is more to appeal to my love of bondage than it is to avoid unauthorized masturbation. My training has been very effective. I don’t even think about jerking off anymore. Mrs. Lion is happy if I remain wild. Maybe that’s the best thing at this point. I’m pretty sure I need a resized shaft section for my Orion. It takes about four weeks to get one designed and printed. Since I am out of work, we don’t have much spare cash. I may have to remain wild or go back to the Jail Bird or one of my other old devices. That’s too bad. I really love wearing my Evotion Orion. [Mrs. Lion — We’ll play around with getting the original to work. I think we’re on the right track with putting the shaft and cap together before connecting to the base ring. Don’t give up the ship just yet.]

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  1. Workouts, workouts and more workouts. And everything will work out.

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