No Penis Envy Here

Lion’s tummy has been bothering him for a few days. He wasn’t really up for playing last night. He certainly wouldn’t have wanted a butt plug even if he was up for other things. That’s okay. I don’t think either one of us is in any rush. We can play whenever.

I never did give Lion a haircut last weekend. Sometimes he reminds me and reminds me and reminds me until I yell a time at him. I know he wants it done. I know he needs it done. I know. He insists I never give him an answer. To me, saying “I know” or “okay” is enough of an answer. It isn’t always for Lion. I volunteered to work over Christmas if I am needed to get things back to normal in our system. I haven’t heard anything yet, so at this point I have a four day weekend. I’m sure I can find some time to do fur removal from Lion’s head and body. Since I sometimes play with my weenie while he’s oiled up, it also serves as an appetizer for the evening’s play.

I don’t know if he’ll be up for a butt plug later on or not. It can wait. It was just an idea to get him in the mood. I have many more ways to get him in the mood. Some of them he likes and some he doesn’t. Well, Lion doesn’t like them. My weenie often tells a different tale. Lion will tell me how much it hurts and my weenie is standing just as tall and proud as can be.

I guess men are at a serious disadvantage when it comes to outward displays of being turned on. Women may have hardened nipples, but that can also mean they’re cold. A man’s excitement is difficult to hide. That and having someone kick them in the family jewels are two of the reasons it’s good to be a woman.


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