ultrasonic cleaner
Our new ultrasonic cage cleaner. It’s a very good investment.

It’s Friday night. We just finished some homemade roast beef hash made from our Christmas dinner leftovers. I haven’t had that in years. Not surprising really because Mrs. Lion isn’t very fond of roast beef. However, she’s discovered she likes the hash.

True to her word, she unlocked me when I got home from work. I took a shower and used the new ultrasonic cleaner to get the device clean. Just before Christmas I bought a new, more powerful unit that also has a heater to keep the water hot. It makes a world of difference. That cage hasn’t shined like that since the day I first put it on.

Normal washing can’t remove all the body oils and other debris that collect on a device. An ultrasonic cleaner and a good jewelry cleaning solution that is meant for ultrasound machines removes everything. Keeping things very clean is important when locked in a chastity device. I wear a Jail Bird which is an open cage made from stainless steel. It’s pretty easy to keep Mrs. Lion’s weenie clean and odor free without removing the cage. However, no matter how diligent I am in the shower, there will always be some residual gunk that needs washing off once in a while.

Anyone who has worn a CB6000 or other plastic or silicone device knows that a smell develops unless a lot of effort goes into keeping clean in the shower. Even then, while odor is kept down, that penis isn’t truly clean. That’s one reason that it needs to come out for a good wash every so often. I suggest that a release for cleaning at least once a week is a good way to avoid possible issues.

Urine, when it comes out, is nearly sterile. But it quickly decomposes into ammonia and other compounds that provide a good growing medium for germs. Human skin is intended to be clean and dry. It’s risky to have it soaking in a bath of decomposing urine for extended periods. Aside from being rather disgusting, skin can break down and infection set in. So, take the time and effort to stay clean and dry down there.

Over time, the device itself collects gunk of its own. Some guys try boiling or soaking it in vinegar.Boiling never did much good for me. A vinegar soak can loosen up some stuff but not everything. The best solution I’ve found is that ultrasonic cleaner. You can get one for as little as $25. I started with one of those. A bottle of detergent concentrate costs a few bucks and lasts a long time. Just fill the cleaner with hot water, add a cap full of detergent and let the machine run for at least 10 minutes.

The original machine did a good job, but I wasn’t totally happy with the result. Since my cage is a permanent part of my life, it didn’t seem crazy to invest $72 in a machine with a built-in heater and a better transducer. I’m very happy with this new cleaner. It is very noisy with the cage, ring, and security screw buzzing against the bottom, but the results are amazing. You can also clean the padlock, if you have one, with it too. Just remember to use some lock lube in the keyhole when it is clean and dry. Also, rinse items when you take them out to remove any trace of the detergent.

Aside from cage cleaning, the device does a fantastic job cleaning eyeglasses, jewelry, and other small items. We keep ours on the bathroom counter. Once every week or two, the Jail Bird gets a 10 minute cleaning in 60 deg C water. While the weenie was getting showered, its cage was in a bath of its own. The result a clean lion locked in a bright, shiny cage.


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    A bright and shiny lion what a wonderful thing to be

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    Nice cleaner for a good price! I bought one…

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