Our Mating Game

Maybe I’m distracted. I don’t think I am, but I can’t come up with another reason why my libido seems to have dropped off. We all know that males are supposed to be in heat all the time. Certainly, that’s been my experience. I know I’ve gone through periods when my interest in sex dropped off. It’s probably normal, hormonal stuff. But every time it happens it bothers me a lot.

I do feel guilty that Mrs. Lion has to work so hard to get me to the edge. I imagine it stops being fun for her pretty quickly. She never complains about it, but it worries me anyway. I never paid attention to what drugs her doctor prescribed for her. I’m going to be very upset if her loss of libido is because of prescriptions she has been taking. If it turns out that she absolutely needs those medications, then I guess we will both have to accept the sexual trade-off. I don’t believe that will be necessary. If it is, Mrs. Lion’s happiness comes first.

I realize that it’s human nature to emphasize the importance of things you feel you are missing. I think that’s one reason why submissive men have so much trouble finding partners. They obsess on the need for submission and imagine that there are corresponding dominant women out there equally frustrated. Of course there aren’t. I shouldn’t say that. I’ve known some. Let’s put it this way, I’ve never seen a successful relationship formed between people who were joined together by some sexual interest. Sex doesn’t take all that long. You still have to fill the other 23 1/2 hours each day.

Mrs. Lion and I got together because we wanted sex. We were both in heat and wanted to get off. I don’t think either of us were very fussy about what kind of sex we would get. We just wanted to mate. If that was our only interest, sooner or later, probably sooner, we’d have lost interest and parted. Along the line, between orgasms, we became friends and then fell in love. Also along the line, she learned of my interest in BDSM. She learned about it because I mentioned that it was something I wanted. I never told her it was something I had to have. I still don’t think I have to have it, but she disagrees.

I guess it doesn’t make any difference. She makes sure I get the play that I want and need. I also get the sex I need. I mostly get the sex I need. Sometimes she has to choose between changing the bed and teasing me. Or, going out to dinner and being sexy. It’s not that she doesn’t believe I should have both. It’s just that she only has as much energy as she has. I’m a big boy. I can wait to be teased. I can absolutely wait for an orgasm. That isn’t even on the menu.

I’ve been wondering about what role orgasm control plays in our relationship. From my perspective, it certainly adds interest. I think it does something for Mrs. Lion as well. Our one-way sex isn’t mechanical for either of us. She’s challenged to get me as close to ejaculation as she can without going over the retail price, so to speak. I am constantly in suspense, wondering if today is the day. It’s all good fun. By the way, Mrs. Lion, I am in the mood for some good fun. Hint. Hint.