I Approve of This Message

The problem with emails and texts is that you can’t hear the tone. In Lion’s email yesterday, I heard a sarcastic, what-the-hell’s-the-matter-with-you tone. Of course, I don’t think Lion has ever actually used that tone with me, but that’s what I heard. On the plus side, I was able to find his contact lens when I got home. It seems to be fine after a night in the cleaning solution. He was very upset at losing it so I’m glad it was just hiding from us and not lost for good.

We took a trip to Walmart last night for Lion to get a pair of glasses for when he isn’t wearing his contacts. I always liked Walmart for my son’s glasses because they have very cheap packages and they seemed to hold up well. They even took Lion’s insurance so there was very little out of pocket. That’s a good thing in this economy and with Lion still on furlough.

Since we went after I got home from work, it was around 7 when I started dinner. Lion snoozed for a bit and it seemed like neither of us was interested in playing. At least, it seemed that way. Around 10:30, Lion said he guessed it wasn’t a sex night. I guess it could have been. I tend to let extraneous things sabotage play. Anything off the normal path of an evening and I’m thrown off. It’s not like it was that late when we got home. I need to do a better job.

I wish I could promise we’ll play tonight. I’m working from home today and tomorrow. And tomorrow is only a half-day. You’d think that would be a no-brainer. Work is less stressful from home. I don’t have a commute unless you count the twenty feet from my desk to the bed as a commute. We should be able to figure out what’s for dinner with a minimum of thought since we’re both right here. I don’t think there are any planned excursions. And yet, I can’t promise. I don’t want to promise. Promising means the potential for disappointment. Of course, not promising doesn’t eliminate disappointment. All it eliminates, really, is the “but you promised!” lament. (This really is what goes on in my mind on a daily basis.)

Here’s what I will say: It is my hope that we will play tonight. I will not raise taxes. I will attempt to raise a weenie. I approve of this message. Lioness for President 2020