Super Edging

Mrs. Lion often refers to “play” in her posts. This sometimes confuses me. My BDSM background suggests that play is some sort of scene. This isn’t what Mrs. Lion means. Play can be anything sexual. It can be teasing, edging, making me come, or the range of BDSM she likes. I’m always tempted to add clarification to her posts, but I can’t because I don’t know what she has in mind.

Most of the time, play refers to playing with my penis. There you go! That fits perfectly. Sometimes it means much more. It never refers to spanking. She always explicitly calls that out. I’m not complaining. It’s fine for her to surprise me. She always writes about what she did the next day.

Now that my waits for orgasm are longer, I find myself wanting each one to have a lot of buildup. I think that’s why I asked Mrs. Lion to hold off making me ejaculate until she is able to get me to the very edge for a while. She likes to make me ejaculate. Generally, that means no more than two days pass of super edging (that’s what I call it when she gets me within a stroke or two of coming) before she goes all the way. I love it when she super edges me.

When she does my world narrows to a single, bright point. All I can think about is if she will push me over the edge and let me come. I can feel my hips move as I try to help her. I’m almost there. My breathing is fast. Then she stops. If she is super edging, it feels like a door slams. My breathing slows as I start to come down. Then she starts again; her mouth moving up and down on my cock. I’m back on the edge. She stops. This time she doesn’t let me start to come down. She continues with a few strokes. It isn’t enough to make me come, but gets me right to the edge again. She repeats this. Occasionally, she will continue until I can’t stay hard anymore. She says that’s when I’m “broken”.

It takes a while to “break” me and there is always the risk that she will push me over the edge to a ruined orgasm. We both don’t like that. I definitely like it when she super edges me over and over. I don’t want to be ungrateful. I am very happy with any play I get. For the record, I don’t get upset if she misses a day or two because our timing is off. It almost never bothers me even if she wrote that we would be having a play night. In the past, it bothered me when she would write that we would be doing something I really like and then didn’t follow through. I can’t explain why, but it isn’t upsetting now when that happens. I know Mrs. Lion wants to play. If circumstances get in the way, que sera.


  1. “I can’t explain why, but it isn’t upsetting now when that happens.”
    A person gradually gets used to everything. And to the disappointment too.

    1. Author

      I’m not sure I agree. Getting used to disappointment is becoming emotionally dead.

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