A Day Off

The worst part about being at work, aside from having to wear clothes, is having to wear a mask. I know, I know. Healthcare providers are stuck in theirs for long shifts for days on end. I suppose if I got used to it, there wouldn’t be a problem. For now, by the end of the day, my ears are annoyed and I start to get a headache. The other issue is that the bridge of my nose is sometimes sensitive to pressure. Even my very lightweight glasses bother it from time to time. I’ve found I can either wear a mask or my glasses, but both is too much after a while. With this in mind, and the fact that it seems we’re stuck with masks for the duration, I’m considering getting contacts. I’m overdue for an eye exam so I can make the decision whenever I go for my appointment.

Although the air conditioning was broken at work again, the only issue I had was the mask/glasses. We have fans and it wasn’t too hot outside. I’m not sure what happened between the office and home, but I just felt like someone zapped all my strength. Lion was in his office so I was just relaxing and trying to decide what to do about dinner when it occurred to me that I didn’t care about dinner. I wasn’t hungry. I just wanted to vegetate.

I did, however, get up to make dinner. Fairly shortly into the process, it was clear my stomach wasn’t just not hungry, it was a little pissed off. Even the slight mushroom smell was off-putting. I managed to get through dinner prep, but I did not want to  eat. Eventually, I had some rice that was left over after I put Lion’s meal together. That calmed my stomach down. I have no idea what was going on. I felt better after dinner, but I was afraid to move around too much. It’s a good thing I’d given Lion his orgasm the night before.

Traditionally, the night after an orgasm is a sort of a down time for Lion. He’s happy. He may be horny, but things are at a lull. At least, that’s how it’s been for a few years. When we first got together, Lion wanted sex every night. Yes, he got an orgasm every night. I won’t say it was a 365 thing. I’m sure there were nights we were too tired or weren’t feeling well or out for the night, that he didn’t get lucky. But for the most part, he had an orgasm every night.

Spoiled? You bet! I’m sure he didn’t think that was excessive, but I did. Yes, we were in the beginning stages of our relationship, but every night? That’s a lot. When he talks about the doldrums of my throwing him a hand job once in a while, don’t feel too bad for him. For years he had sex every night. I’m not saying it was right to go cold turkey, but I think his average normalized during that time period.

Anyway, he didn’t get/need sex last night. Now that he’s been wild a few days, I wonder if he’ll be harder to get hard. I guess we’ll see tonight. I assume he’s ordered his new cage. I was a little put off by the black color, but the more I look at it, the better it looks. I had no idea there were so many different varieties of printed cages available. Some of them are interesting looking. No, I don’t think he should go on a cage shopping spree. I’m merely admiring the others. And we’ll count the days until the replacement arrives.

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  1. Phew, I’ve finally caught up with all your posts!! I think the black cage looks good. That is what I will get from them when I order one. Eventually…

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