Poor Lion. Every day is spent on the computer or watching TV. Oh, and most nights (sore weenie aside) he gets played with and edged. How boring that must be.

All kidding aside, doing the same thing day after day can get to you. Although I’d prefer not to have to go into the office two days a week, it does break up the monotony. Personally I think each day blends into the next even when I’m working in the office all week. There’s really nothing to distinguish one day from another. Some of my coworkers come in later on certain days or they work at different offices within the company. I just sit in my little office, banging away on the keyboard all day. Very little changes whether I’m at home or at work.

After reading Lion’s post for this morning, I wondered exactly what he’s looking for. Does he want Sundays to be pasta days like when we first got together? We could do butt plugs on Wednesdays. Ball bondage Tuesdays. Laundry Saturdays. I think it would be more boring to have a set schedule like that. I’m not saying that’s what he’s asking for, but I’m immediately balking at doing ball bondage every Tuesday. Too predictable and, to me, predictable is sort of boring.

The other thing that’s been bothering him is that we never talk. I talk. He talks back. It’s like we’re having a conversation. Is that not a conversation? Help me out here. Last night, there was no chance for any sexual fun since my weenie is still sore, but we snuggled and talked while watching TV. At least, I thought we did. This morning, I was reading an article on my iPad and Lion kept talking to me. I answered him. When he kept talking and I didn’t hear him, I explained I was reading something. He said he understood and kept talking to me. Then he got mad when I reminded him I was reading something. I put it away so we could talk.

This is why I don’t read things anymore. First, I don’t do well when I’m reading and the TV is on. It’s too distracting. If I try to go to another room, Lion asks why I’m so far away. I started doing Audible books on my commute so I could at least read that way. Once we moved, my commute shortened by at least twenty minutes and now I commute only two days so even being read a book doesn’t work well anymore.

Things are just helter-skelter. I know Lion’s bored being at home all the time. I’m not sure he knows what he’s looking for. He just knows this isn’t it. So we’ll talk about it and try a few things and I can almost guarantee we’ll be revisiting this at a future date. We seem to go in cycles with this like we do most things.

Listen to this post.