I Won’t Take It Personally

This week is sort of a soft opening for my office. We’re figuring out how things will work in the “new normal”. The schedule has some people in the office and some people watching webinars at home each day. Next week, everyone will be back in the office, although I question the theory that wearing a mask negates the need for social distancing. None of that applies to me. I have the ultimate social distancing of working from home. The bosses have made it clear that it’s a temporary thing. I’m hoping to stay out of the office until the governor decides it’s safer to venture out.

Since I’m home, Lion and I are still together and still safe. I have to venture out to Costco for the dog’s prescription and to the grocery store for our prescriptions, but we’re still trying to avoid going out as much as possible. I do miss going out to eat once in a while, but we’re having restaurant quality meals from Hello Fresh! so we’re not suffering at all. As a matter of fact, the other night I said if we won the lottery and could do anything in the world, virus notwithstanding, we’d probably be doing exactly what we’re doing right now. Lion agreed.

The only things I would change at this point is our seemingly endless tiredness and Lion’s lack of desire for sex. I’m assuming his lack of desire is at least partially due to his tiredness. Last night I snuggled with him and played with my weenie. I know rubbing his balls puts him to sleep, but he was snoozing as my weenie was getting hard. How does that work? I won’t take it personally. I know it’s not a statement on how boring my rubbing my weenie is. We’re both just out of it lately.

[Lion — Many years ago a lover discovered that if she gently rubbed my balls I would fall asleep. It’s weird but still works.]

I’m hoping, since I’m doing work now, I’ll be a little more “involved”. The problem with that is I’m doing some incredibly boring work. It’s not mentally engaging at all unless I make a mistake, which I do because it’s so boring.

Snap out of it!

Anyway, if I manage to convince myself that things are getting back to normal with work, maybe I won’t be so tired. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

I don’t know what Lion does to keep himself busy. He putters on his computer. He’s probably reading blogs and news articles. His routine will have him in the bedroom in a little while to watch TV. Then I’ll hear him softly snoring. That’s as exciting as it gets around here, unfortunately.

I have another Zoom meeting at 2 and then maybe I’ll finish waxing Lion. We stopped the other day because he was uncomfortable. Eventually I’ll get his whole body smooth as a baby’s butt. Then he’ll probably need another hair cut. Oh, and the lawn needs to be mowed. A lioness’s waxing and trimming work is never done.