We got a comment on Lion’s post about not being spicy enough. It’s all boring day-to-day stuff. Plus, “he” thinks the same person writes all the posts. Clearly “he” (the name was Bill but, you know, if “he” can think the same person writes all posts then I can think Bill isn’t really male) hasn’t read all of our posts. I considered writing a fantasy post to prove old Bill wrong, but that’s not what we’re about here. Our blog, hopefully, deals the boring day-to-day stuff interspersed with some spicy stuff. The whole point is to show that everyday people can live with enforced chastity and female led relationships. Sorry if that’s boring to you, Bill. There are plenty of fantasy sites for you to read.

I’m not sorry to say that last night was another boring night by Bill’s standards. Lion had dinner in the works when I came home. It was stew this time. It takes a long time to make and Lion apologized that it wouldn’t be ready until 7. I wasn’t going anywhere. It was Friday night after a week of what seemed like a lot of Mondays one after the other.

When dinner was on the table and Lion had just sat down, I had my mouth open to tell him it smelled wonderful and thank him for making it, and he began a tirade of my not thanking him for dinner because it was a lot of work and his back really hurt from it. He hadn’t actually interrupted me because I hadn’t started talking. My mouth was literally open like in a comedy movie. I asked him if he was done so I could start talking. Now, I know I should have told him he was in trouble and would be receiving swats for his outburst, but I know his back already hurt. Why make his backside hurt too? But I should have. Regardless of the fact that it was a lot of work, he had no right to yell. (And yes, it may not have been yelling, but he had no right to do it anyway.) He’s not always forthcoming with praise and thank yous when I cook. I don’t reprimand him for it. And if anyone has the right to reprimand the other it’s me. Apparently I need to be a bit (or a lot) more strict with him. There’s no need for either of us to be rude to the other.

I guess this is where Bill wants the account of how I’ll punish Lion later. He’ll get some swats. Hard ones. And then we’ll do our boring day to day snuggling and edging. Ho hum.


  1. Author

    Life is a series of often mundane situations that are strung together. Edging is very exciting for the one being edged–I can attest to that. That would not seem to be boring, but as you usually don’t go into extensive detail perhaps Bill finds it lacking. Regardless he should listen to your Huffington Post interview! Then he could hear that two people were involved in your blog.

  2. Author

    Mr. & Mrs. Lion,
    I find your blog to be very enjoyable because it is real not fantasy. We get to see the insecurities and concerns that are interesting.
    Keep up the good work and don’t let the wankers bother you.


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