(Finally!) Healing Penis And Home Made Baked Beans

I think the sore on my penis is finally healing. On Saturday night I asked Mrs. Lion to look for the antibiotic ointment. It felt and looked like an infection might be involved. She couldn’t find it and kindly went to the store to buy some more. I applied it as soon as she got home and repeated the application three times on Sunday. It still hurts, but not as much. It’s more than time to have some fun again.

We were watching a home shopping show and they were selling a smoker. It’s the same one we already have. One demo dish was baked beans. Hmm, smokey baked beans. Sounds nice. We thought it might be fun to make some. Since there is just the two of us, and a batch of baked beans would certainly be more than we could eat, Mrs. Lion wondered if we could can some.

Our bread and butter pickles, blueberry, and raspberry jam have been a great success. We had fun making them. We looked up how to can beans. It turns out that for safety, they need pressure canning. We own an eight-quart pressure cooker. That will be perfect for the job. Mrs. Lion went to the store and bought some dried beans. They’re soaking now and we will cook and can them tomorrow. Homemaker lions!

Am I sublimating cooking for sex? It could be. It isn’t the first time. That’s sad. For one thing, it isn’t fair to the art of cooking. Do I need to be horny before I want to create in the kitchen? Probably. That’s dangerous. If Mrs. Lion wants me to make good food, all she has to do is ignore me sexually. Nope. I don’t want that.  I’d be like the teenaged boy in an episode of Ted Danson’s sitcom, “Becker”. In it, he plays a doctor. A teenage boy comes in complaining he kept getting erections at inappropriate times. Once, he said, he was vacuuming and got one. His mother saw it and now thinks he likes housework. I don’t think Mrs. Lion will cut me off in order to motivate me to cook.

Of course, it doesn’t mean I’m not thinking about sex. I hope we can play some Spankardy this week. Even if my weenie is still out of commission, my bottom is healthy. I guess we’ll see how things go.

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