If Lion’s bruise didn’t hurt, we would definitely be resuming normal activities. I don’t see the scab is on the sore spot anymore, but even moving the skin to look at it hurts. It’s strange. I don’t remember a bruise ever hurting him this much. I’m very sure he’s not faking it. He’s horny. I know he’s getting frustrated both by not having an orgasm and by not being able to be tortured by edging. I wouldn’t equate my frustration of not being able to suck him with his frustration, but I miss doing it. There’s a perfectly good weenie going to waste.

I don’t know why he’s gotten the bruise. The sore spot happens from time to time. It’s not like he hasn’t had bruise before, but it’s unusual that it hurts this much. A normal bruise wouldn’t sidetrack us. We’d be a bit more careful so we didn’t aggravate it, but he’d be humping away. I think it’s starting to fade. Maybe we’re on the road to recovery. I’m not sure what we’d do if it doesn’t get better soon. It’s not like he’d feel comfortable going to the doctor and explaining a cage injury. I guess he could always say it was a zipper mishap. I’m pretty sure his doctor has seen weenie injuries before. It’s just embarrassing to be the one with the weenie on display. [Lion comments — The bruise may be from me inadvertently pinching myself. That could be why it is so uncomfortable; maybe a non-zipper, zipper injury.]

Lion has been a good boy lately. Although, he has been dangerously close to being a know it all. I’ll bring up something that happened at work and, before I get the whole story out there, he’s off and running toward a solution. It may be the whole men are from Mars, women are from Venus thing, but I may not be looking for a solution. Actually, the past few times, I already have the solution but he doesn’t know that because he won’t let me finish the story. Should this infraction count twice? He is interrupting before he acts like a know it all. When someone on a cop show kidnaps a person and then murders them, they get so many charges of kidnapping and so many charges of murder. If you kidnap someone once, how do you get multiple counts? Anyway, I think Lion should be punished for each infraction. One, he interrupted. Two, he was a know it all. Done.

I know I’ve been too lenient with him when he interrupts or annoys me. Now that I’m not on nervous breakdown watch, I’ll try to be more tenacious. His butt won’t thank me, but Lion will. At least the bruises will be in the right spot.

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