Lion was all ready to play last night but an inspection of my weenie revealed a scab on the sore spot and a dark purple bruise on the other side. I decided playing should wait. Sores happen from time to time. We think the cage pinches sometimes when it goes on. Lion usually puts ointment on it so a scab doesn’t usually form. This time he did not. The bruise is more troubling from Lion’s point of view. It probably happened when the cage went on too. Maybe it’s the severity of it that has him concerned. I assume it takes quite a bit of force for that deep color to form. Why don’t we remember a pinch like that? We’re keeping an eye on both areas.

Against my wishes, I spanked Lion last night. I didn’t want to punish him for my feeling like a beast. I should have handled things better. However, since I was annoyed by his cajoling me into punishing him, I guess it all worked out anyway. After all, I was punishing him for annoying me about something.

I’d been worried that punishing him for my nervous breakdown would put me in a tailspin again. I was still worried after the first few swats landed. I won’t say I was glad I was spanking him, but I will say I was glad nothing negative happened. I don’t know why I was in such a funk to begin with and I have no idea why it lifted so suddenly, but I don’t ever want to feel that again. I still think spanking him could easily have sent me over the edge again.

I don’t know what will happen later on. His bruise seems to be lighter. It’s the sore spot that has us in a holding pattern. I think the spot was sore for a while before it scabbed over. I wondered if it had anything to do with my impression of a vacuum cleaner the other night. Maybe I nicked him with my teeth. Then Lion teased me about that very thing. I guess I’ll have to file my teeth down so I don’t slice and dice my weenie. A sore weenie is no good to me. I need him back in fighting shape.

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