Another month has begun. I’ve broken a record of sorts. I was healthy and sexually active in September and only had one orgasm. You can see my history since 2016 above. Overall, there is a reduction in total orgasms year to year. This wasn’t intentional. For almost all of this time, Mrs. Lion paid no attention to how long I had to wait between orgasms. In fact, she usually had no idea how long she had made me wait. She only started keeping track in September.

Until September I never expressed a preference either. That’s when I suggested that Mrs. Lion extend my wait past the 13 days that had elapsed after my August 31 orgasm. I asked her because it was difficult for her to get me right to the edge of orgasm during the first 10 days or so. This was true since July.

It wasn’t that she couldn’t get me off if she wanted. It was just that it would have taken a long time. I stayed on the arousal plateau for quite a while. Some days, my interest seemed to just drop off without warning and I would get soft. She was able to bring me back to a full erection without much trouble. It was odd that this happened. Almost magically after about 10 days, it became much easier to get me ready to ejaculate. That’s why I suggested that more time would be more fun for both of us.

It’s almost as much fun as ejaculating

I like the intense feelings when I am just about to come. Muscles tense up and I make involuntary sounds. My brain is totally focused on the impending orgasm. Then Mrs. Lion stops. I feel myself trying to keep going. I only have a few thrusts to get a release. I can’t. I start to relax. My breathing slows. Then Mrs. Lion starts again. It takes a little time but then I am back, trying to get over the edge. I can’t and she won’t help. This time she doesn’t let me calm down very much. I am still close when she gives me just a few strokes (or sucks). It’s enough to bring me right back. She stops.

Can the teasing go on forever?

This goes on until either I just can’t get back to the edge and start to get soft — Mrs. Lion says that’s when she breaks me — or she decides I’ve had enough. Usually, she doesn’t go far enough to break me. She just stops and sits up. Then she tells me in a sweet voice, “Not tonight.” I’m left sprawled across the bed with my erection flopping as I hump the air. It takes a little while for me to calm down. Then I return to my side of the bed. In a little while, Mrs. Lion locks me up again.

Yes, it’s intensely frustrating. The frustration grows each day she does it; up to a point. I can’t predict when it happens, but somewhere after 14 days I will return to the plateau and stop getting right to the edge. As soon as she unlocks the chastity device I start to get hard She has no trouble getting me aroused. I just don’t get to the very edge of that cliff. That’s not true. I get to the point that I feel my interest begin to drift away. I’m sure I’m done for the night.

Sometimes Mrs. Lion asks me if I am done. If I say yes, she might stop. Lately, she goes right back to sucking my cock. To my surprise, after a minute or two I start feeling more and more aroused. I’m heading for the edge of the cliff. Mrs. Lion knows I am and follows her usual routine of frustrating me over and over.

I’ve learned to like this teasing. Yes, I desperately want to come. I try humping her mouth. I can’t move much, so that doesn’t help. I know she likes it when I’m so frustrated. I don’t know how far into the future this dance will last. We know it works for at least 20 days.

Of course, I like to ejaculate. Mrs. Lion truly loves making me come. She likes my semen. Go figure, I sure don’t. Anyway, I know she likes making me come more than she likes frustrating me. Thank goodness! For the life of me, I can’t figure out if there is any particular logic to apply when deciding when I get to ejaculate. As of now, Mrs. Lion agreed it should be at least two weeks. My last wait was almost 3. I’m ready when she is!

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