Going For Red

After all this time you would think I could remember to remind Mrs. Lion of punishment days. I managed to forget on Saturday. My deadline for reminding her is 8:30 PM. At 9 she asked me if I had reminded her. I had to confess that I didn’t.

“Oh well,” she said and smiled.

Oh well, indeed! I’m due for a punishment spanking. Mrs. Lion spanked me before we started watching football. It was absolutely no fun at all. Being punished is no longer an event with sexual overtones. The idea of being spanked turns me on, but not when I’m thinking about being punished.

rubber tawse

Spanking me is just one more item on Mrs. Lion’s to-do list. Since she evolved into Lioness 4.0, that means punishing me is a dispassionate exercise in making me hurt as much as possible. 4.0 is devoid of sympathy. She knows that her job as my disciplinary wife is to make each punishment as miserable as she can.

From what she’s said recently, she is also working on discovering which paddle(s) she can use to assure I will continue to feel pain for at least a day after she spanks me. It seems to me that she is approaching this with the same experimental sense of adventure she’s exhibited in the past.

Now that she means business when she spanks me, I can’t tell what she is using to beat me. A recent punishment spanking was administered with the heavy rubber tawse. She has three implements made from thick conveyor belt material: the tawse, a 3″ wide paddle, and another paddle the same size with large holes drilled into it. The rubber paddles tend to give me purple marks that last for a few days. They don’t hurt after the spanking, they just look bad. As you might expect, they hurt like hell while Mrs. Lion is spanking me.

Another favorite is the spoon-shaped paddle. This one is made from heavy, imported hardwood. It looks like a big kitchen spoon. It’s not. This is a mean paddle with a nice long handle to give Mrs. Lion a lot of leverage. When she swings it hard, I yelp and scream. I hate that one!

She also likes her bloodwood paddles. These were made for me by John Hanson. He made truly vicious toys. Before the spanking spoon (made by Sporkwood. You can find them on Etsy), they were the most painful paddles in her arsenal. I speculated that perhaps the Hanson paddles might make me more red than purple.

We got into the “color” discussion because pictures Mrs. Lion takes of my bottom after spankings show very little red. She says that my bottom is quite red, but the pictures barely show pink. I stupidly suggested that maybe she should work for a deeper red that might show up better. I don’t know if she plans to see if she can do that later when she spanks me.

I really need to keep my mouth shut.


  1. Perhaps it is just a white balance issue with your camera. If you are using an android phone as a camera you should find an option that lets you control some of the settings, including the white balance. On my phone it is called “Pro” and lets you fiddle with quite a few settings.

    1. Author

      We use a Nikon DSLR for most of our pictures. I use Photoshop to process the images. It’s not a white balance issue. I’m starting to think it may have something to do with the spectral response of the CCD in the cameras. Either that or Mrs. Lion is seeing more red than is really there. 🙂

      1. Well, there is something you can experiment with! Grab a box of 128 crayons and draw some butt sized and shaped circles. Fill them with various shades of red. Take some snaps and compare them. Ask Mrs Lion to point out which one looks closest to the shade of red she usually gets you to, and you will quickly see if there is a problem at certain shades of red.

        Then experiment with color temperature, hue, tint, etc. settings on your camera to see what gives the closest effect.

        Of course, you will then have to test on the real McCoy, so to speak.

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