I Suck

Lion says he likes surprises. I like to surprise him. It works out just fine. I also like to vary the way I do things. For example, I used to change my grip while I jerked him off. Now I change the way I suck him. Variety is the spice of life.

Last night I decided he needed some vacuum power. I maintained a fairly steady vacuum and a fairly steady motion. He likes the vacuum part as long as I let go as he comes. Since I knew he wasn’t going to come, I didn’t let go. It won’t surprise you to know that he loved it.

I got him to the edge at least three times. Actually, I’m not sure he ever got too far from the edge the few times I gave him a break. He told me afterward that he would have liked more. I’m sure he would have liked enough to come, but that wasn’t in the cards. I’m equally sure he would have liked to come and then been upset that I allowed him to come. It’s only been seven days (eight now) since his last orgasm. That’s hardly enough of a wait.

I don’t have a length of time in mind for his wait. I’m sure it will be a combination of when I think he’s ready and when I want to do it. Over the past year or more, his orgasms have happened when I want to give him one versus when he wants one. In other words, he hasn’t ever asked for one with me giving in. I love giving him orgasms so it’s usually me saying, “Dammit! I want one. I’m going to take it now.” The other criteria I use is when I decide an orgasm is sort of a reset button. It’s taking a long time to get him to the edge so I’ll keep going with the hope that it will reset his clock and make it easier to edge him again. He may think he’s influencing me when he says he really wants an orgasm, but he isn’t. Well, he is, but that statement is more likely to make me laugh at him.

You want one? Really? Yeah. Sure. And now you’re not getting one even if I was planning on giving you one. Ha! Take that!