Funny that Mrs. Lion should write about my at home nudity. In her post she talked about my self-imposed at-home nudity rule. She’s absolutely right that I suggested that rule years before she became Mrs. Lion. At the time, Miss. Lioness didn’t agree to enforce it. I was feeling the need for some domestic rules, so I followed it anyway. I have been doing so for the last decade or so. Mrs. Lion has never disciplined me if I remained dressed at home. I’ve noted that with some sadness.

But something else happened after I began undressing when I arrived home. Mrs. Lion started doing that too. Except times when she is cold or plans to go out she undresses as soon as she gets home. During her period, she only strips down to her panties. No one, not even herself, made a rule that she needs to be naked at home. Yet she is.

This surprised me when she started and still makes me wonder why she does it. Unfortunately, her at-home nudity has a negative effect on me. I love seeing her naked body. It’s not that. It’s just that I am truly turned on by CFNM (Clothed Female, Naked Male). On those occasions when Mrs. Lion happens to be dressed when she has played with me, I get extra turned on. The fantasy behind my being nude at home was that she would be dressed; CFNM heaven.

I have no idea why she started getting naked. I have always assumed she was just copying me. That may not be it at all. I never asked. If she wants to be bare, then she certainly should be. It’s ironic that I am turned on by her not being naked when I am bare and feeling submissive. My original thinking about being naked at home was to remain fully accessible to Mrs. Lion at all times. When chilly I put on a t-shirt but keep my bottom bare in case she wishes to spank it. That’s been my thinking.

Those times when she is dressed and she masturbates or teases me, I find it very hot. In fairness to her, I’ve never mentioned it. She’s never talked to me about my naked “rule”.  Like many things, I read it first here in the Journal. Since she brought the subject up, I figured that I might as well come clean with my feelings too. I would like her to enforce the rule. I would like to need permission to wear clothes at any time when I am home, and naturally, punishment for being dressed when I shouldn’t be would be perfect.

Well, now you know Mrs. Lion. All is revealed. Well, all is generally revealed when we are home together. Another lion kink exposed!


  1. Author

    Well I started because, in the early days, I never knew when the fun would happen. Then, because we do everything in the bedroom, being on the comforter with clothes on was uncomfortable. I also always assumed Lion liked having me naked. Then it became routine. If he doesn’t care if I am naked, or worse, wants me clothed, I guess I can break out the flannel PJs and sweatpants.

    It’s true we never discussed his liking me clothed, but Lion and I have discussed his nakedness in the past. He’s the one who suggested it as a rule. I just went along with it. And he has asked if I want him to continue. I’ve told him he should and I was the one who suggested he wear clothes if he was cold. I have never disciplined him for not being naked, but that’s because he is never not naked without a reason.

    I know his concern is about following the rules. My concern is about his not being cold. I can always tell him to take the clothes back off if I have plans for him.

  2. Author

    I do love Mrs. Lion naked. I will love her in flannel or anything else she chooses to wear or not wear. If sometimes she is clothed when teasing, spanking, disciplining, or masturbating me, I will love it. But clothed or dressed, what I really want is to be with her.

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