Do We Need a Wimpy Rule?

Sometimes Lion is wimpy. Things that shouldn’t hurt him too much send him into orbit. It usually happens when I swat his balls. I understand they are sensitive, but even little love taps make him wince a lot. Last night, I decided to do the tiny clothespins. Then I decided I’d go for the lesser tiny clothespins. They’re slightly bigger and I don’t think they have quite the bite of the nasty little fuckers. At least I didn’t think they did.

After I unlocked him and he had all pieces of the cage off, I made sure he was hard and moaning a bit before I put the first clothespin on. Granted, I didn’t warn him, but he jumped and asked what the hell I was doing. The hell I was doing was pinching the edge of the head of my weenie. I don’t think I need to warn him or tell him what I’m doing. I usually do but I didn’t this time. I’m not sure we’ve ever discussed the need to warn him. If he was blindfolded he wouldn’t know. Anyway, the lesser tiny clothespins seem to be as bad as the tiny ones. Maybe he was just wimpy last night. If I try again in a few days he may be more able to handle them. It’s sort of a crap shoot.

Once I decided he wasn’t able to take the less than tiny clothespins anywhere, I tried pinching him with my fingertips. I thought maybe he could handle that better than a clothespin. He did a little better but he still was not having any of it. What could I do? I gave up.

I suppose I could institute a rule that if Lion can’t handle whatever I want to do to him, he forfeits any sex for the day/night. That would be a 4.0 move. The truth is, sometimes he’s just not in the mood for certain things. Who’s to say he wouldn’t have been fine with Icy Hot or figging? For that reason, I don’t think I should punish him for not wanting a certain thing. When he reads this he’ll probably say I should. It’s not like I had my heart set on the lesser tiny clothes pins. I just figured it was something different to do. If he had asked for a butt plug, I could have done a butt plug. I do take requests although, I admit, sometimes I’m not in the mood to do certain things.

Since there was no rule, I continued on to edge Lion orally. It was day fifteen and I left him panting and needing a few minutes to compose himself. The same thing will happen tonight, assuming both of us are ready, willing and able. For the record, I don’t have a date or length of time in mind. I’m not sure if it would be better or worse to announce that he has to make it to October 3. We had scheduled orgasms for a while. As I recall, they didn’t always work out. On one hand, he’d have something to look forward to. On the other hand, if he has no date in mind, every day might be orgasm day. I’d think the latter would be preferable.

Tonight’s the night. Is it? Maybe. Maybe not.

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