The Very Worst Spot

dollhouse clothespins on penis head
These are the tiny, very-painful clothespins on the head of my penis. The color adds insult to injury. Click the image to find out why.

It’s been raining steadily for days now. The weather and my slowly-healing eye conspire to ruin my good nature. Mrs. Lion, to her credit, has persisted with the hateful little clothespins. Yesterday, she dug out the very tiny dollhouse clothespins. We didn’t use them last night. I asked her to give me a night off. She asked if she should then lock me back up without play. I told her that I am fine with that. She decided to tease me and ended up giving me a ruined orgasm; all without the clothespins.

The image at right shows an earlier adventure with these. Up until yesterday, she has applied somewhat-larger, plastic clothespins to the same spot. As she reported yesterday in her post, I had a lot of trouble handling one. When this photograph was taken, I was tied spread-eagle to the bed. She left them on long enough to take the picture and then wait for my begging to become really desperate before removing them slowly, one at a time. Now that she has brought them back into our life, I can compare them to the ones she has been using firsthand.

I think the weather and my eye have made getting me aroused more difficult for my lioness. I am also not getting aroused thinking of her continuing my clothespin training. She’s told me that regardless, my training will continue on a daily basis. I’m sure that if she is completely consistent in this training, I will eventually be able to handle these mean, little clothespins completely surrounding my penis head.

I’ve learned that I feel a special kind of pain when the head of my penis is pinched, spanked, or flicked with Mrs. Lion’s fingernail. I find it much harder to handle than other kinds of pain. For some reason, this particularly hard-to-take pain is very localized. The same, painful clothespins applied to the shaft or balls hurts like crazy, but it is orders of magnitude less than the same clothespin on the head.

The thing about clothespins and other devices that are fixed to delicate spots is that the sensation they inflict doesn’t stop. Unlike impact, these devices keep the pain coming. After a while, the pain can recede a bit, but it never disappears. An expert like Mrs. Lion will watch for me to relax a bit and then add another clothespin which not only renews the pain, but makes it worse than the first because the pain from the first had not stopped. I had just gotten used to it. That familiarity is lost with the new stimulus.

Generally, when inflicting painful sensation, it isn’t useful to add new sources of sensation while one is going on. The brain only processes one source of pain at a time. This proclivity is used by the medical profession to help people with chronic pain. They provide a device that will give painful shocks to another part of the body. This easier-to-handle pain distracts the brain from the more severe chronic pain. So, being spanked with clothespins applied will distract me from one of the painful stimuli. However, applying more pinching devices to the same general area amplifies the sensation without distracting. Everyone is different, so experimentation is called for.

I’ve already written about the fact that I must be a masochist and probably terminally stupid to have asked Mrs. Lion to do this to me. This isn’t the first time I got myself into trouble. As my lioness likes to remind me, I suggested domestic discipline. I bought the horribly painful paddle. I could go on and on. But of all the painful and humiliating things I’ve suggested be done to me, this latest is the hardest to handle. Once suggested, it is out of my control. So I will have to learn to deal with this pain because it isn’t going to go away any time soon.

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  1. Author

    “Terminally stupid”, as a definition of a masochist just cracks me up!
    What would that make me if, suitably warned by your experience, I am extremely aroused at the thought of suggesting my wife do this to me? Why does the thought of it being completely out my control if she chose to do so makes me want it so much more?
    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Author

      Trapped by your own libido! It’s ironic that the fantasies that are so amazingly hot fit the old saw, “Sin in haste; repent at leisure”. In this case the “sin” is a wish for something like being locked up or like me, spanked and trained to take very painful CBT. After all, Mrs. Lion is doing what I asked. Terminally stupid seems to be the best explanation of my behavior. Funny thing is I’m glad I asked; at least now. Ask me again at 9pm and I may have a different answer.

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