Spicy Male Chastity

Male chastity is a very exciting, sexy game. There are one and two-player versions. This recipe is for two. The basics are very simple. The male agrees to allow his partner full sexual control. He will not masturbate or do anything else that results in ejaculation. His only release is provided by his partner. Simple, right? But that’s not all.

Remember that the point of all this is sexual control. This control is expressed by preventing ejaculation until the person in charge decides he should have one. Since virtually all men have been masturbating since hair first appeared on their penises, it makes sense to do something concrete to prevent this activity from continuing. That’s where hardware enters the picture.

Locking up his cock adds intensity

Fitting him with a male chastity device gives him a very clear reminder that he no longer controls his penis. You can play the game without hardware, but it is substantially more fun if the penis is locked up. Locked or not, the fun for him comes from being reminded that someone else has taken ownership. Some women think that their part is simply to lock up his penis and then unlock him — or have him unlock himself — when directed. Some guys even keep the keys to their chastity devices. I suggest that isn’t the best idea.

The entire point of the game is control. If you go to the trouble of using a male chastity device, then it doesn’t make a lot of sense to let him control it. Even if he faithfully resists removing it himself without permission, a big part of the fun is missing. There is a very real psychological change that takes place when a device is locked on his penis that he can’t remove. It’s the difference between “won’t” and “can’t”. There is an enormous gap between the two. When I am locked in a male chastity device, Mrs. Lion keeps the keys. I can’t release my penis. When I am left wild, I won’t masturbate. When I’m wild, I have a choice. I choose to let Mrs. Lion control the use of my penis. When I am locked up, that choice is gone. It belongs to her. Period.

Another important ingredient in this recipe is the one that adds most of the spice: physical ownership. If the male is allowed to masturbate under supervision, he retains physical ownership. The game he is playing is much less intense. If only his keyholder is able to physically stimulate him, he is totally dependent on her for any sexual pleasure.

male chastity is strictly hands off for me

When I am locked in my male chastity device, the only hands, or mouth that touch my penis belong to Mrs. Lion. Even when wild, I am never permitted to bring myself close to orgasm. In the last seven years, only Mrs. Lion has done that. This dimension of physical control is what makes male chastity an intensely exciting practice. Too many women misunderstand this critical part of their role.

Another very important ingredient is teasing. The obvious kind is to unlock him and then bring him to the edge of orgasm over and over. Then, lock him up again. If done on a daily or every-other-day basis, he is kept very horny and feeling controlled. At other times, even when he is dressed, some possessive rubbing of his crotch is a strong reminder of who owns his cock. It is also very helpful to verbally remind him that he isn’t in control.

When Mrs. Lion teases me verbally it’s a big turn on. She might remind me how long it’s been since my last orgasm and smile saying it will be even longer. If I mention that I’m horny, she’ll say, “Good! That’s how I like you.”

Sometimes in email or in a post here she will let me know what is coming. A few days ago she wrote she was going to fig me (peel a big piece of ginger and put it up my ass). I spent the day anticipating the play. The goal is to keep sex near the top of my mind at all times. The combination of being reminded of sex and my inability to have it is one of the most intense parts of male chastity.

male chastity isn’t a way to reduce sexual contact

Some women think that male chastity and orgasm control is a way to avoid sexual contact. I suppose it can be. I know that some guys lock and unlock themselves and even have to edge themselves and at some point jerk off. Their partners’ only job is to supervise. This isn’t my idea of how to play this game for two. This practice is essentially how a guy plays it if he doesn’t have a partner.

Chances are very good that if a woman agrees to play, she will have a lot more sexual contact with her partner than she did before the game. The big difference is that he will almost certainly have fewer orgasms. I think that the more active she is, the more fun they both will have.

When we began male chastity, we had a contract. It wasn’t very long. I agreed not to masturbate and Mrs. Lion agreed to unlock me and edge me at least every other day. Most of the time she teased me every day. This made being locked up a lot more fun. Orgasm control isn’t isolation from sexual activity. It is controlled ejaculations. I probably get more sexual attention than most men. I get a lot fewer opportunities to ejaculate. That’s what spicy male chastity is all about.

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  1. I liked this post, Lion. This is pretty much what chastity play is all about for me, too. Many of these points seem to be difficult for the female partner to grasp, and I suppose they are sometimes counter-intuitive. The way you’ve described the game here gives me good ideas for filling my wife in on the missing pieces of her understanding of the “way I work”.


    1. Author

      Thank you. I’m happy to able to help.

  2. Seems like a good synopsis on how things work. That lack of access and control is the key to how things work.

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