When I made dinner, I realized Lion hadn’t set up the coffee pot. I always debate with myself whether I should give him a hint. I know it’s been a while since he’s been spanked. We’re trying to figure out what to do if he’s followed his rules and goes for a long time between punishments. If I warned him, he’d miss another punishment opportunity. So I didn’t say anything.

He went into the kitchen to check on the progress of our dill pickles. We should see bubbling by now, according to the recipe. No bubbles. The first batch of dills we made are very salty. This batch doesn’t seem salty enough. I wondered if we forgot to put the salt in. I don’t know how that figures into the fermentation process, but I thought it could be part of the problem. He went into the kitchen again so we could check the recipe and maybe add the forgotten salt. But we didn’t forget the salt.

When I gave the dog her medicine and ice cream, I got our dessert too. The coffee pot was still in pieces in the dish drainer. Again, I resisted reminding Lion. He needs to remember on his own. I can’t keep telling him how to do his job. I don’t remind him about punishment day. Why would I remind him about the coffee pot. Then, after the dog went out, Lion wandered into the kitchen again. Did he remember? I wasn’t sure until this morning when I told him he narrowly escaped punishment. This isn’t technically true. There have been a few times he’s gotten up earlier than I have and sneaked into the kitchen to correct his mistake, but last night was still pretty close.

If he’d forgotten, it certainly would have taken care of our spanking dilemma. I would have whomped him and restarted the clock. Now, it’s been about two weeks since his last spanking. Should I spank him for not getting himself in trouble? Should I spank him for making me get out of practice? My swatting arm needs a workout. Maybe he should get in trouble for falling asleep watching TV. I think I’d be exhausted enforcing that rule. No. I know he can’t help it. But there must be something I can catch him doing so he earns more swats. He’s not a saint.

My thinking cap is on.

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  1. Didn’t put the coffee pot on. Indeed, he deserved to be punished.

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