Wax Time Again

Of all the things I do for Lion, waxing is the one I consider a chore. It’s the one I wonder what I get out of it. Yes, I know it makes Lion happy and that suffices for the other things I do for him. But waxing? Not so much. I don’t want Lion to have to spend money on having someone else do it for him, so I do it. And it’s perfectly fine if I don’t like it.

This is the wax I use to take off Lion’s hair. It is designed for men and seems better at removing his stubborn fur. (Click here for the site where we buy it)

I just pulled the waxing cart out of the pantry. The wax needs at least three hours to melt. I filled the pots with wax and set the ball rolling. Lion has asked in the past which wax I prefer. I guess we decided on the green one. I’m low on orange and he bought more green. It’s sort of a loaded question to ask me which I prefer. I’m not sure it matters to me. One may be a little easier to get off him, but the other seems to do a better job yanking the hair out. I think the green is the better yanker.

I can hear you thinking two things: I get a hairless Lion, whose chest hair tickles my nose when we snuggle, and all I have to do is wax him. And if I just unpacked more, the waxing supplies wouldn’t have to be dragged out each time. Allow me to address both. Since Lion hurt his left shoulder, we haven’t been snuggling the same way. I move over and put my head beside his on his pillow and rest my head on his shoulder. And it’s not so much the dragging of waxing supplies that makes me not want to wax him. It’s the waxing him that does it. It may take less time nowadays but I still wind up stiff and achy afterwards. I’ve been incredibly achy lately and I’m not looking forward to exacerbating it. But we slept late this morning and I don’t seem to be as achy. Waxing will technically just get me back to where I was yesterday.

The other thing I noticed this morning was that, even though the weather forecast assures me it will be rainy today, the sun is shining and I miss being able to enjoy having windows with no blinds on them. The house we moved from was essentially in the woods and no one could see in the house. We had no curtains or blinds on most of the windows so we had unrestricted view of the elements, whatever they might be. This house is closer to neighbors and the road, so having Lion naked means the blinds are always closed. I also run around naked quite a bit, but I would get dressed more if it meant having more sunlight in the house.

Okay. Enough whining. We didn’t do anything last night. Lion took a different boner pill to see if that helped his erection get harder. As we waited for it to take effect, we watched TV and he snoozed a bit. I asked if he thought it was time to play and he said we should give it more time. A little while later he said he didn’t feel particularly sexy. I don’t know if he was tired or not, but I sure was. Not playing was not a problem for me. I’d been trying to stay awake too.

I took a sleeping pill, struggled to stay awake long enough to put the drops in Lion’s eyes and zonked out until about seven this morning, then both the dog and I needed a potty break. And I slept again until the neighbor got a delivery of some kind at 9:45. Lion woke up an hour later. Clearly we both needed sleep. We’ll try again for some fun time tonight.