A Vacation From Me

We did a lot of preserving during our staycation. We have lots of bread and butter pickles, raspberry, and blueberry jam. Even though we stayed home we’ve had less play than when Mrs. Lion is working. It seems we have a vacation jinx when it comes to play and sex, or do we?

I wonder if a vacation for Mrs. Lion includes no BDSM or sexual activity. After all, sex is all for me. Maybe for her the vacation is relief from providing sexual fun for me. I suspected this was why we did almost nothing when we traveled. Having a similar result at home seems to validate it. [Mrs. Lion — A vacation for me is a rest. When we travel, I drive a lot which is not restful. Driving to get pickle and jam ingredients, then making pickles and jam is not restful. A vacation is not a vacation from Lion.]

She will say that I was tired or not in the mood. By the time she said she was ready, that was true. I’ve been asking her to play much earlier in the day. By 9 or 10PM when she is willing, I am pretty tired. I may even have napped a bit. Playing this late makes sense when she is working until 5, but I don’t see what gets in the way when we are home and on vacation.

It’s true that we did some canning earlier in the day. We finished that before 2PM. We both retired to our air-conditioned bedroom to get away from the heat. It was cool and I was naked. She was reading Facebook and playing on her iPad. Obviously, that’s more fun than sex with me.

I think that’s the problem in a marriage where only one partner is interested in sex. The asexual member has no strong motive to provide sex to her partner. Mrs. Lion does it because she loves me and knows it makes me happy. I’m very grateful for that. Unfortunately, it isn’t a lot of fun for her. She has a much better time playing games on her iPad.

When she gives me sexual pleasure it feels like she is doing a chore. She works very hard to make it fun for me. I appreciate that. The fact that doing me is the last activity of her day is a very strong indication of my priority.

For a long time, she wrote posts that talked about her plans for me. She came up with some activities that sounded amazing. She rarely followed through. When she saw my disappointment she stopped writing about those plans. That way, she reasoned, I wouldn’t be upset if nothing happened. That was very thoughtful.

I asked her to reconsider writing her playtime thoughts. Recently she started again. She wrote about putting me into the prickly jockstrap in Pickles and Prickles. The day the post came out she didn’t get around to doing it. The next day after I reminded her a couple of times she strapped me in. [Mrs. Lion — That’s not true. The prickly jock strap went on somewhat late that day, partially because of the whipped cream fiasco.]

My interest in sex has been waning again. Even though I’m locked in a male chastity device I’m not all that interested. I’m pretty sure it’s because I know that doing sexual things with me is work for Mrs. Lion. I know she loves me and wants me to be happy. I think that is the greatest gift in the world. It just doesn’t feel good when giving me sex feels this way.

A lot of guys would kill for the attention I get. I’m very grateful. It isn’t that I don’t get enough. I’m not complaining about that. The problem is much more subtle. It’s that I am aware that all the cool things she does to and for me are not really fun for her. That’s why she waits until late to begin. It’s also why we do very little when we are on vacation. I wish I could find a way to fix this.

[Mrs. Lion — When I get home from work (or finish working if I’m working from home) I like to relax a bit. Think of it as the equivalent of the stereotypical man wanting to read the paper or watch the news after work. Then it’s time to make dinner. We watch Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy and then it’s time to clean up from dinner. Then I take my shower. Yes, it can be 8:45 before I’m ready to play with Lion. Yes, that’s late. From now on, I’ll prioritize Lion by playing as soon as I get done with work.]