GMC commercial with the rude, possessive gesture.

Last holiday season GMC ran a commercial where a husband bought two trucks: one for him and one for his wife. He got her a smaller, red version and a larger, black one for himself. She decided the black one was hers and demonstrated her ownership by leaning against it with her hands pressed into the truck door. I found that commercial offensive because of the ungrateful, childish behavior of the woman. I was surprised at my emotional response to her possessive gesture. I don’t think I ever saw anyone do that before. I reacted on a visceral level.

Gently holding balls sends a strong possessive message.

I had no idea that a simple gesture would affect me so strongly. Then I saw another image (left) of a woman cupping a man’s balls. She was dressed and he was naked. I liked that gesture of possession. Obviously, the fact he was bare and she was dressed communicated her dominant role. Even disregarding that, her hand on his balls sends a primal and powerful message.

Of course, I like my genitals handled. That won’t shock anyone. There is a big difference between touching in order to arouse me and using a hand to demonstrate ownership. Just as the woman leaning against the truck with her hands flat on it sends an unmistakable message that she is staking a claim, a woman firmly holding a man’s balls sends the same message.

This is true whether or not he is naked. Firmly cupping the balls through thick jeans says the same thing. Anyone seeing this action immediately understands that she has sexual possession of him. Such overt displays aren’t considered polite in public. However, taking advantage of occasional opportunities when no one is looking, can be a lot of fun.

Given a choice, I would normally prefer to be sexually stimulated if Mrs. Lion had a hand between my legs. However, the ball grasp is good too. It tells me that she is proud I am hers. It makes me feel secure that she likes to demonstrate her sexual possession.

Most women, including Mrs. Lion, don’t even think of this. Too bad. I’ve experienced it a few times, both clothed and naked. Each time it sends an electric shock through me. The women who did it weren’t my partners at the time. They were having fun and reminding me of their roles. It worked.

One time I was at a BDSM play party. I was there as a top. I was wearing my leather chaps (Yes, straight men wear them too.). I had on black spandex tights underneath to cover my genitals and ass. A female friend of mine, also a top, came up to me to chat. She noticed the tights and cupped my balls. I was blown away. I instantly got hard, which she ignored. She just smiled, still cupping my balls, and said, “Nice pants.”

It was a small invisible-to-anyone-else gesture. I was deeply affected. I never looked at her the same again. She knew what she was doing. Even though I reacted sexually, it wasn’t a sexual gesture. I knew she wasn’t inviting sexual contact. It was far more profound.


  1. Very interesting observation! And, yes, I’ve never thought of that as a point)

    1. Author

      I think that perhaps I more sensitive to that particular sign of possessiveness. I do believe that virtually any man will positively respond if his female partner makes a point of holding his balls rather than putting her arm around him. It’s far more intimate.

  2. That guy is all over the internet. I admire his willingness to disrobe and his luck at the number of women who seen quite happy to pose with him and occasionally hold his penis. Lucky dude!!

    1. Author

      Hmmm. I didn’t know that. He is having fun.

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