Lion’s choice from the Box O’Fun was actually a card for Lioness choice. That means I can do anything I want to him. I could decide to do something on a card or I could make something else up. I’m sure Lion thought I’d head straight for the Velcro or tiny clothespins. Nope. We did Velcro recently, and there are plenty of opportunities in the box for clothespins of all sorts. I did something nice for him.

I grabbed the rope and tied his balls up. I didn’t get him hard first. I probably should have. I wasn’t really thinking about it. Since he likes being tied up, I figured my weenie would get in on the action in no time. It took a little bit of persuasion, but he got on board.

I had him lay across the bed for oral again. Once we figured out how to give me more room, that’s been my go-to position. I’ve always liked giving him oral sex and, now that I’m not hanging off the bed and uncomfortable, I can do it more often.

Ordinarily when I have him tied up, I pull on his balls to make things a little tighter. Last night I decided to tickled his tied up balls. I think he liked it. I got him pretty close. And with very little time in between tries, I got him closer and closer. And then he was done. Just done. That happens sometimes. We can be going gangbusters and then we’re done.

It’s not a problem. We both had fun and that’s all that matters. I wasn’t going for another orgasm so close to the last one. I could have, but why push it? It’s fun to play with my food. Lion will make another choice from the Box O’Fun tonight and we’ll start all over again. Of course, I’m not telling him if he’ll just get to the edge or if he’ll make it all the way. That’s classified information.

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  1. What I wouldn’t do for oral from my wife! I get hand jobs and cum denial as my punishment for being a chronic masturbator!

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