Male Chastity, at least wearing a chastity device, is a sort of sexual game. It’s exciting and fun for the man wearing the device. The rules are simple: He gets locked into the device (or she locks him in). She has the keys. He can’t get any sexual pleasure until she unlocks him. Most people who do this play for a day or a weekend at a time. While he is locked up, she keeps him as horny as she can. Guys love it.

penis in chastity device

Most of the fantasies are a lot more complex. The reality is that simple. Some men, like me, end up in a chastity device for a very long time. At some point it stops being a game and becomes something more.

The key power exchange, whether for a weekend or forever, is the transfer of sexual control to the keyholder. Most men masturbate their entire lives. We jerk off when we are horny and a partner isn’t available. Yes, we prefer sex with our partners, but a hand will do if one isn’t available at the moment.

Our partners are sexual chocolate. We can live without it, but much prefer it if we can get it. The key is that we don’t depend on our partners for sex. We just prefer it. Male chastity changes that. The chastity device makes masturbation very difficult. The game of wearing the device makes it dumb to defeat the hardware. For most of us it’s the first time in our lives that we can’t take care of business ourselves.

Mrs. Lion didn’t know I jerked off until I asked her to lock me into a chastity device. I told her that I had been masturbating two or three times a week. She wasn’t that interested in sex and was either giving me a handjob or oral sex about once a month. Apparently she thought that was the only sex I was getting. She was surprised and a little upset to learn that I jerked off.

She agreed to lock me in the male chastity device and also made me agree to never jerk off again. I was surprised she felt so strongly about it. To this day, almost seven years later, I haven’t jerked off. She won’t even let me do it under her supervision. Chastity device or no chastity device, it’s paws off for me.

Unknowingly, we stumbled on to the most important benefit of male chastity. It wasn’t the power exchange or the teasing. It had nothing to do with the popular fantasies. It was much more basic than that: I am completely dependent on Mrs. Lion for sexual release. I can’t ejaculate unless she does what it takes to make me come. She lets me make myself hard if I want, but that’s it. If she won’t get me off, I don’t get to ejaculate.

Most women don’t think of this as particularly profound. Many women don’t masturbate, or if they do, it is because they don’t have a sexual partner. Men masturbate whether or not they are in a sexual relationship. Many of us don’t think of jerking off as sex. It’s just a release of tension. That’s why becoming totally dependent on someone else for release is such a big deal.

I wore a chastity device continuously for three years. It only came off when Mrs. Lion wanted to tease me or make me ejaculate. She made sure she had full sexual control of my penis. The device came off for a while because I had some surgeries. More recently, I’m not locked up most of the time. It doesn’t matter. She broke me of the habit of jerking off.

Regardless of any sexual games that might be played using male orgasm control, when practiced the way we do it, a new physical bond is formed. We have always been in love and will stay together as long as we live. That was true while I was jerking off. Now, my total dependency on Mrs. Lion for sexual release brings us closer on a physical level.

She knows  I need release and whether or not she is interested in sex for herself, knows that I depend on her. She also knows it is fun for both of us if she teases me and makes me wait to ejaculate. Aside from the fun aspect, it serves to remind us both of her sexual control. That control is the real basis of male chastity and, as it turns out for us, a great benefit.