Things May Be Getting Back to Normal

We’ve made it to the holiday weekend. As I wrote the other day, having an extra day off means little to us. Lion has every day off for now, and I’ve been working from home. We’re together no matter what day it is. But it’s an extra day I don’t have to be at my computer.

Lion is better. And then he’s not. For the past few nights, I’ve been able to get him aroused and jerk him off for a little while until he tells me he doesn’t think he’s going any further. They’re nice erections. I don’t expect him to get too far. Between having an orgasm and not feeling well, I think it will be quite a few days before he’s ready for take-off. Obviously, just because he’s ready doesn’t mean I’ll be ready to give him an orgasm. It doesn’t quite work that way.

Sometimes I think Lion should be able to masturbate with supervision, but I realize that’s a slippery slope. If I allow it while I’m watching him, how long will it be before he does it while I’m not? I don’t think he’d break that rule. He hasn’t masturbated in 7 years. Why would he start just because I allowed him supervised masturbation? However, why dangle that carrot in front of him? It’s not worth the risk. Besides, the only reason I can think of for granting him the ability to masturbate in any capacity is that I’m tired of doing it for him. I am not. I’m perfectly happy with the way things are right now. Don’t rock the boat.

Today I’m going to try to mow the lawn in between rainy days. It poured last night. It’s supposed to rain for the next few days. The grass is already high. I need to get as much knocked down as I can before the rain comes back. This means I may not have any energy for Lion later. I’ll do my best, but I can’t guarantee it. I may not actually need much energy though. The night before last I just sucked on him for a few minutes and he said he was good. Last night I warmed up the coconut oil and yanked on him for about five or ten minutes before he said he was done. If that’s any indication, I should have enough oomph left to do something with him. The main event won’t be for another few days. I’ll be rested up for that.