Pain Free Sitting

I am writing this on Thursday afternoon. All-day I’ve been feeling pretty good. It’s still too early to know whether or not my mysterious illness is going to strike again. It’s an intestinal vampire. It seems to sleep all day and then creep out as it gets dark. Oddly enough, it tends to leave me alone while I sleep. This is probably due to the fact that I use the medicine the doctor gave me just before I go to bed. If I stay reasonably pain-free later, maybe I can convince Mrs. Lion to do something sexual with me. I know it’s way too soon for an orgasm and I’m probably not ready for one anyway.

Based on her post yesterday (“He Really Did Ask For It“), she’s more aware of how I affect her. That’s good. Well, good for us but maybe not so good for my rear end. I’m not trying to find new ways to get spanked. I know it seems that way. I’m also not looking for ways for Mrs. Lion to be more outwardly dominant. Mind you, I wouldn’t mind if she was, but that isn’t the point of this. I really want to know when she’s upset with me. I also want her to help me learn to avoid doing things she doesn’t like.

I know it’s difficult for many to believe, but settling these upsetting situations with a spanking actually clears the slate. There’s a sense of closure and just resolution when the punishment is done. I don’t know if Mrs. Lion has articulated this, but I do get the sense that by spanking me she is resolving a feeling that might otherwise fester under the surface.

The other day when she spanked me, she let me know it was for two offenses. She told me when she was finished spanking me for forgetting the coffee pot. Then she announced I was being punished for being snarky. I took all that in. The second part of the spanking was if anything, more severe than the first. I felt punished for upsetting her. I hope she felt vindicated.

It turns out that for us, punishment, physical punishment does more than satisfy some kinky need for spanking. It goes beyond the idea of dominance and submission. It’s true that both kinks are involved. They are the match that lights the disciplinary flame. I don’t think either of us thinks about BDSM or sex when I’m being punished. It’s about sending a message. Of course, there are other ways to send this kind of message. DD is what works for us.

It’s not a simple cause-and-effect process. It’s complex and emotional. It is easy to define what we do. I don’t think either of us really understands why it works. All we know is that it’s something that works for us. I’m very glad it does.


  1. Clearing the slate and resolving a feeling that might otherwise fester under the surface – with your kind permission I’ll make a not of it)

    1. Author

      Of course you can! It helps our marriage.

    1. Author

      She does too. 🙂

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